EPIC, Only I Can Say!

Review by markark on Saturday, December 11th 2010
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Unreal Tournament is a game created by spellmage

This is a great game created by: spellmage

I must say that i personally dont like 3D-shooter games, but this one is so good i like it very much.

As you can see the first level is full of robots, you need to kill them and the boss robot, thats very very hard. I like it to play the game and its a lot of fun. You need very good skillz to beat this game, and over all: Patience! Very good enemies, just enough power-ups and cool room desing!!!

Story: you start in a chamber, nothing like to be dangerous. But when you get out of your ''start'' room, you'll face hordes of robots, mini robots and BOSS ROBOTS. You need all keys to get throught the level. Its very hard to kill the boss robot cause hes in a room with 3 doors, and by me hes like fleeing from me. So you need to get him but he is not alone and hes gaurd robots are going to atack you. GOOD LUCK!!


Action: ________/__________

Puzzle: ______/__________

Enemies: ________/__________

Powerups: ________/__________

Scenery: ________/__________

Overall: ________/__________

great job spellmage, awesome game!!!!!


Unreal Tournament Reviewed by markark on Saturday, December 11th 2010. EPIC, Only I Can Say! - A game review written by markark for the game 'Unreal Tournament' by spellmage. Rating: 4