[#1] My First Review As Reviewer

Review by martin1234567890 on Saturday, September 10th 2016
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Cove is a game created by unovi

Cove by Unovi

Before the Review

Just before I begin, I would like to thank Youngcaliman for helping me achieve the rank of reviewer. He took the time to show me where I could improve and continued until I achieved this amazing rank. I hope you enjoy my first review, which was also my application.

Today, I will be reviewing a cool game that goes by the name of Cove. This Platformer has a multitude of twists and turns. As we delve deeper into the review, you will see how it creates an excellent way to avoid doing your homework!


Before beginning a review, I always like to gather Pre-Thoughts on a game. I mainly use three different ways. The first is the thumbnail. The thumbnail summed up the game pretty well. A corridor. And Although that does not sound very informative, as we keep going through the review, you will see how the word 'corridor' will paint a million more words. The second way is skimming through the comments. After doing so, it is blatantly clear that this is a great game and feature worthy. Finally, there's the rating. As well as having a large boost in this department due to its feature, this game scored an incredible 5/5 stars! Honestly, Incredible!

The Review

Cove is an engaging game. To get anywhere in the game, one must have an excellent sense of direction, and an incredible memory. If you do not have these qualities, you will not even locate the first blue key! I would like to begin the primary review by emphasising the amount of detail and effort that Unovi has dedicated to this game. Unovi made this evident by replying to a comment on the game, stating “It may have something to do with the 4000 or so objects”. The majority of the game was created as floors, similar to what you might find in a large office building. This design allowed Unovi to deliver significant setbacks by dropping a level or two after a mishap, rather than having the player killed or teleported. Cove reminds me of the popular game Temple Run, as they both share similar qualities.

Although this game does have many positives, I’ll touch on a few of the negatives. The game is just too complicated. You practically need a detailed notebook to remember where everything is. For people with a rather impeccable memory, this should not be too much of an issue, but be that as it may, people on the other side with not such a good memory will become bored and restless a little too quickly. Sadly, a problem that affects the gameplay, like a complexity issue, significantly reduces suspense and enjoyment in the game that may have previously been created, as after a while it is no longer fun attempting to retrace steps.

I also wish there was a little more time put into the scenery. I am not trying to give the impression that it was sloppy, but it is just a little repetitive and rushed. The same green walls with the blue/purple background for most of the first section is a bore, and not designed as carefully as the rest of the game. Nevertheless, Unovi's use of graphics is exemplary. What is lacked in the background is rectified by the carefully made graphics. For example, an area is known as 'Ganath Cave,' which can only be accessed later in the game, after you have journeyed far and wide. The use of sign graphics allows the player to feel more immersed in his creation. Furthermore, the sheer amount of custom made graphics indicates that Unovi has dedicated a lot of time on the project, and even though he has only used a few, it adds a dramatic effect to the game.


Cove is no doubt a great game. It's the mixture of puzzle, challenge, and even maze-like qualities that draw you in for another attempt after you perish. It is a worthy feature game that earned its due, and something the Unovi should be proud of. However, I feel like it lacked in the area of action and excitement, as the little action that was included was shattered by the amount of puzzle that was included.


A new concept of levels created while playing the game

The game enhances your memory skills

Custom graphics make the entire game look more realistic and immersive


The background was not worked as much as other aspects of the game

The puzzle side of it was too reliant on memory

A lot more action could have been included

Score: ____/_____


Although it did have it's few floors, Cove is an incredible creation. I personally really like it and will be playing it very often. I would recommend this game to anyone that will listen. People that play it give the highest praise as shown in the comments and rating. It is honestly an incredible achievement by Unovi, and hopefully, the start of a great game maker.


Cove Reviewed by martin1234567890 on Saturday, September 10th 2016. [#1] My First Review As Reviewer - A game review written by martin1234567890 for the game 'Cove' by unovi. Rating: 4