Smarty the Turtle S2 ep 1

By masterpranker :: Wednesday July 3rd, 2019


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Episode title: "Chelsea and Dalmatia and the Fashion Club Part 1: Introduction" Taking place one year after the events of season 1, Smarty and his friends once again return to Harnburg High school in Fablesopia to complete their junior year (eleventh grade). Smarty has grown in popularity ever since he saved Harnburg from the social elite, leading some to mistakenly believe that he is a "miracle worker" capable of making impossible dreams come true. One of these believers is a new student named Dalmatia, who suffers from depression after being rejected by her crush when she desperately attempts to get into a relationship. After Smarty prevents Dalmatia from ending her own life, she isn't grateful, but does become grateful when Smarty's friend and popular female wealthy cat and model and fashion expert Chelsea invites her to join her fashion club to help Dalmatia win the upcoming fashion contest in order to attract even more males and hopefully help Dalmatia successfully get into a relationship. Meanwhile, all Smarty and his friends can do is just watch what happens next.


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