Smarty the Turtle

By masterpranker :: Friday August 11th, 2017


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Taking place a day before the events of the first episode of season one in the series, this game describes how Smarty got his unique powers. After getting sickly after a huge virus spread in his town one night, Smarty is brought to Professor Quack who cures Smarty with a special serum that will rid him of his illness and prevent him from ever getting sick ever again. Little did the Professor know that some of the virus entered the serum and as a side effect, it gave Smarty other incredible powers. The intent of the professor was to give Smarty a healing factor using the serum, but because of the virus, it gave Smarty other additional powers besides this, such as superhuman strength, superhuman speed, superhuman agility, telekinesis, mind reading, superhuman reflexes and increased intellect. This story shows how Smarty became the turtle he is today.


Tags: origin story

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