By masterpranker :: Sunday July 16th, 2017


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A year after the events of WORLD WARRIORS 2, no new large-scale threat has been found in Earth 2 after Hannah Hickleson's defeat. However, the WORLD WARRIORS are once again needed when another new threat, the alien conqueror and dictator Gradrodron seeks to take control of the entire planet. It is up to Arthur, Alicia, Katie, Yin Shishigoru, El Sombrero, Jack Richards, Crusty O'Lucky, Livia and their alien ally Aljazra to stop him and bring back peace to their world. This game is the final installment in the WORLD WARRIORS trilogy, as well as being the last game in my "Sunset Saga" series which started with ARTHUR that serves as a perfect conclusion to ARTHUR and the WORLD WARRIORS story.


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