Blood Wars Tactics 3000

By masterworks2012 :: Tuesday April 24th, 2012


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WooHoo! I finally beat this epic game! basically grab your 2 free men and throw 2-3 pipe bombs "C button" off to one side and blow up the centipedes then go to the other side and do same thing then attack the center when low on health grab the big healing then cross the fire poly thing and estimate where the helicopters are and throw pipe bombs and if need to press "B" a few times to do a hasty retreat then take the bosses out 1 by one and that should do you the game and remember there is health and ally's to acquire as long as they don't get blown up so good luck for it took me 4 tries to get it so it's quite epic but remember each time you play something is always gonna be different but if you have an overall tactic then you should win this war quite often so enjoy mates :)


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