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Review by mat7772 on Monday, August 13th 2012
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Quest Zone is a game created by moolatycoon

Good day sir, would you like a cup of teeaaa? No? Oh, stuff you then...

Well, that was very cruel for you to decline my offer, in fact, why have you got that extremely large bottle of coke? Oh, so we're inhaling some caffeine are we? We are, oooooh, how sneaky! Alright, I wish I could get psycho over cafiene, but I actually have to write a review for Quest Zone by moolatycoon. Yes, how disappointing. Stupid games, hmpf!


Moolatycoon is a good friend of mine, well, good "snob" of mine. I've collabed with him before, and one of the games we worked on got a feature. (Yes, I placed about 20 blocks overall, but who cares apart from the bunny rabbits attacking me for that?) I've also enjoyed his other games too, so expectations are hiiiiiiiigh, just like me. :)


I don't know how much time of my precious life I have wasted playing this game, but it's definitely above six-and-a-half hours (How sad is that?). Think of better things I could've done in that time, like... er... stuff, oh never mind, perhaps Quest Zone was worth the time? Actually, I do believe it is.

First off, this is a puzzle game, one of my favourite genres to play. It did deliver excellent puzzles, in-fact I don't think there's actually anything to criticise, that's how perfect this game was. But anyway, enough talking about how perfect the game was, I actually have to explain why it was perfect and other things. Now, the puzzles were perfect because I said so, and the fact that most were original, and even the ones that weren't were still not seen too commonly and moola threw in a few twists with them.

With many games people fail to understand how important placement was, too many enemies mean super hard games which make me rage and turn into an ape-spazo, and cause something called lag. Luckily, moola realised the importance of placement and how important it was in this game, and he executed it perfectly. You would've noticed that there were many lives, some people may not need them, but to progress far enough into the game to enjoy it means that people actually have to see some of the game! *Ends sarcastic voice towards members who make there game super challenging to the point where the challenge is ridiculous*. Moola realised that, and added lots of lives in about the first three levels of gameplay, and not many more in the later levels of Quest Zone. I believe that many members will love you now moola, so better watch out with the drooling. I don't need to talk about placement of enemies and hazards, because they were as perfect as everything.

People also misunderstand how important scenery is, it sets the scene in the game, and I believe that this was a collab, and stanleykitten (meowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeow- I wait, this isn't nyan cat) took on the role of handling scenery. And now I must say, the scenery in this game is PURRRRRFECT! Moola made Quest Zone into eight "zones" I believe, for example, one level would be Grass, the next Water, and with this, the scenery couldn't important, or perfectly. Each level I could tell straight away what zone I was in, which was impressive. The scenery was very detailed and you can really see the amount of effort stanley put in. Next time I need someone to do scenery for me, stanley will get a real noob text message from me saying; "wil u do my senry in my game 4 me", so yes, I really want stanley to do some scenery for me, because this was just perfect.

Original games are always one of my favourite games to play, and guess what, this game was original! Nearly all the puzzles I found were original, but the once which weren't were still made in an atmosphere that made them new and fresh. Even though the storyline doesn't affect much of the gameplay, it was still original and each level provided something new to try and get your head around. So to some it up, this whole game I found to be pretty original, perfect.

Rating: 5/5


I'd never thought I'd ever say this in my reviewer career, but this game is perfect. It was a great amount of fun to play and even look at. In my opinion, this game easily deserves it place in the Epic Game Library, and I would be quite cross if it wasn't there. Some may disagree with me, but I think Quest Zone should've came first, but hey, second is still a fantastic position to place in.

Join me in his next review on Yin Yang 2. And strictly NO COKE ALOUD. But thank-you for reading my magniiificent review, and I would looove comments on my review. Thank-you possoms!


Quest Zone Reviewed by mat7772 on Monday, August 13th 2012. *EGD* ~Tea With Mrs. Mat7772~ - A game review written by mat7772 for the game 'Quest Zone' by moolatycoon. Rating: 1