*EGD* My Worst Nightmare At A Shop

Review by mat7772 on Friday, August 31st 2012
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Blind is a game created by lordeldar

So, apparently in this storyline, you get blinded by a laser when you walk out of a shop. -Shivers- That's pretty harsh. Anyway, I'm back, yay? With another review... erm, yay? And it's my 17th review, wow, I have no life, and on a game called Blind by lordfartypant- I mean lordeldar. Alright, have fun reading, I'm off.


Wait, I'm not off? I have to write a review? -Groans-

Well anyway, lord is my fellow potty toddler friend, and we've been good friends for a while (yeah, I guess I can call him a friend. He's still soooo annoying though). But, how are his game making skills? Meh! They used to be good, but they're pretty average now. The feature doesn't raise my expectations, as it was featured off EGD, and bad games have been featured from this, so expectations are around 3.5/5. Sorry lordeldar.


It honestly looks rather good, wow. It's black, therefor meaning it blends in well with the storyline (you being blinded, bla bla bla, lasers, more lasers, war and more bla bla bla bla) and it looks like this will be a puzzle game mixed with action. Okay, I can't talk about this anymore, this thumbnail is drawing me in, I don't know why, but it just is! Maybe it's time to play... -Clicks on title-


Well, the title is a lie. The playfield was white... see from the thumbnail. Owait, you're not... dumb? No fair, I like dumb-bumbs. :( Anyway, I felt like I was blind in Blind, was that supposed to happen? Well I'm certainly not sure. I also felt frustrated in Blind, in fact, I had to wear a nappy when playing this game, in-case I pushed to hard... oh well, nothing unusual here. Let's carry on!

I hope you can actually identify that the whole play field was a puzzle, as it was in fact one. The playfield being pitch black gives you no sense of direction, and therefor creates a puzzle. There were some puzzles (or traps) that involved guessing, and I'd get far in and I'd fail because I chose an incorrect path, so that was a pretty stupid trap in my opinion. Laaaammmmmeeee.

Placement was pretty good. Enemies were placed very well and made some great action scenes that I thoroughly enjoyed, and would leave you low on health. That's also another thing, health. I wouldn't get it much often, so I would have to respect the amount of health I had, but I'd constantly find that I wouldn't have enough health at the big, open action scenes. So I think a little bit more health at the action scenes would've been nice, or maybe it's just me and my TOTALLY AAAAWWWESSSOME SKILL! OH SOMEONE IS JEALOUS MMMMMM.

Lolol italics, I feel like talking in them now because I can. Have a problem with it? Well maybe I have a problem with you. Do you see me complaining though? Mmm, didn't think so. Well yes, scenery. It wasn't anything special, because you can't see scenery apart from using colourful pollygons. But even if he did add colourful scenery, it would wreck the gameplay because it would be supposed to be black, not colourful colours exploding into your face. So I really can't make a different opinion on the scenery that isn't biased.

Lolol bold, this expresses how angry I am at you, and how angry I am at the game. I felt like this game was addictive AND frustrating, the impossible made possible. But the main part of this paragraph was creativity. I guess the black playfield is kind of creative. I mean, it's been done before, but not as good as what Blind has shown me. There was also great diversions in here that made you frustrated and felt like swearing at the computer. Yay, more dirty nappies...



Puzzles: It was excellent trying to find your way around the playfield, and some of the other puzzles were pretty good too.

Placement: It was pretty much spot on, but I would've liked a bit more health towards the big action scenes.

Addictiveness: Every time I died, I was determined to get further and further into the game, and each time I played it I became more hooked.

Creativity: It wasn't the most creative thing, but it isn't seen too often.


Traps: They were basically traps where you'd have to guess and pray you choose the right path, and I really hate those options. Then again, you could get lost in this maze, so I guess it's average.


Action: 4.5/5 Oh this was intense bru, I on the edge of the seat from start to finish.

Puzzles and traps: 3/5. The puzzles were fine, but the traps were just a nuisance, but not as bad as you of course.

Scenery: NA. Lord made the right decision not to include scenery, as it would wreck the gameplay. It's not far to judge the scenery on colourful squares either.

Difficulty: 4.5/5. It was placed at a great level, but more health to assist you would've been nice.

Placement: 4.7/5. Next time I hope to see more health around the action scenes.

Overall bummmmmmmmmmmmm: 4.4/5


Blind gets a 4.4/5 for me. The game is one of my favourite games from my fellow potty todler, and I hope to see more great performances from him. My suggestion is too add a bit more health in the action scenes so you can get a bit farther though, other than that, I loved it.

I would say this game is feature worthy, but I wouldn't go as far as saying Epic Game Library worthy. It really wasn't a new concept or anything that made me gasping, so it doesn't deserve a shelf in the Epic Game Library.


Blind Reviewed by mat7772 on Friday, August 31st 2012. *EGD* My Worst Nightmare At A Shop - A game review written by mat7772 for the game 'Blind' by lordeldar. Rating: 5