[EGD] Let Us Journey Through The Banana Field!

Review by mat7772 on Friday, July 19th 2013
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Moola's World is a game created by moolatycoon

Your royal princess is back with another review. Boy, aren't I getting my hands dirty? I should probably get my slave to write this review, but, unfortunately, he can't spell. He is also a kitten :(. Anyway, let's get straight to business. I'm here reviewing Moola's World. Isn't she selfish? Naming a game after herself? I shall organize an execution soon.

Anyway, time to talk about this game.

In a way, this reminds me of Quest Zone. Each world would be different from the last. From what I remember it was grass, swamp, water, mini boss, factory, fire(?) and space. Sadly, I didn't quite make it to world 8. The question is, was it as good as Quest Zone? Let us embark on an epic quest to the banana fields to find out.

Before I adventure further in the banana field, I would like to mention the story. The main idea was you have to beat some evil guys to the treasure. Did it keep me entertained? Definitely. The whole idea was creative, and Moola somehow made it more interesting each world, building up suspense till the last world. Interesting? Pumpkins- err, indeed.

I guess this may not be important to some people, but this game was a pain in the strawberry field to play again. If you died on the swamp level onward, there is a chance that you will not want to play it because the first world was boring. Why was this? It had nothing special to it. All there was in that world was combat, no puzzles, and it got repetitive quickly.

From the swamp world, Moola made it clear that she had a lot of ideas floating around that unintelligent brain of hers. She used objects in ways that nobody else used them, an example of this would be the barriers on the swamp world. Instead of you defeating enemies to unlock it, it would flicker on and off, either helping you or to block you into that sewer water. From world 7 though, nothing was really special. It was re-used from earlier worlds and got bland. Sure, you can re-use ideas, but not heaps in nearly every level, like Moola the silly duck did.

I know Moola is probably going to kill me in the apple tree field now, but the boss fights were REALLY PLAIN. And I mean it. World 1 you just had to jump off a higher part and the boss couldn't touch you, world 3 you just had to bounce on a dragon's head so many times it got boring, world 4 had bland fights sometime and that was it. I didn't see the boss fights for world 7 or 8 but I don't imagine anything special. However, world 2, parts of 4, world 5 and world 6 were unique and not usually seen before. So some parts were me skipping around strawberry fields (having fun), other times it was like dodging pineapples (really annoying).

One of my favourite things of this game was one of the sequences used in world 4. It involved you dodging fireballs by concentrating on which coloured wall the fireball was going to fling up on. Very original and clever use of scenery.

Talking about scenery, the scenery was like fruit salad. It wasn't exactly bright, but it was definitely interesting and sometimes provided a purpose of being there, except for making the game look super pretty.

For now, that is all I have to say about Moola's World. Moola did well on this game, I may have mentioned a lot of negatives, but the game was definitely unique and enjoyable. Anyway, let me start my suggestions.

-Make sure first world isn't so... boring.

-Be careful on repetitiveness.

-Less bland boss fights.


Welcome to the conclusion. If you have just joined me, here is a quick recap. Earlier in the review, I embarked on an epic quest to the banana field. There, I found the true meaning of Moola's World. It was unique and had clever sequences, however, the first world was a pain and the boss fights were bland, along with it got repetitive

PS: I may have mentioned more negatives than positives, but if you play the game, you will see that the positives were a massive hit.

PSS: Moola is a boy... I think

PSSS: I have bananas from the banana field if anyone wants one.