[EGD] Potential At Its Greatest

Review by mat7772 on Tuesday, September 13th 2016
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Move Backwards To Win is a game created by lordeldar

Move Backwards To Win just entices the player to beat it with itís gripping title. Lordeldar obviously set out to create a shooter that was a little different, in that moving backwards would put you in a better situation than moving forwards - going as far as too say TO WIN - but did it succeed?

The game begins by using drones to keep you from not moving forwards. Lordeldar would force the player into moving backwards along narrow corridors while shooting them. I wasnít expecting that Lordeldar would successfully keep me moving backwards, but I found that I lost less health moving that way. As you progress launchers and spawners are particularly used to stop you from moving forwards, as Iíd find myself constantly trying to fend off the missiles and bullets that targeted me. Generally it did get a little repetitive but the fast pace and short and sweet nature of the game kept me entertained. To add more variety, mud polys could have been utilised to keep the player moving backwards, slowing the player down and actually forcing them to fend off enemies, or just experimenting to make something feel a little different rather than forcing the player through small corridors. Overall the concept of the game was executed decently, but improvements could definitely have been made as it did begin to get a little dry.

There was one puzzle where you had to use some bombs to destroy an ally that was located off the screen and could only be identified by using your radar, all of this while fending off bots. I wasnít a great fan of the puzzle, but a visual hint (such as using polygons) would have made it better. With that being said, I donít think the inclusion of a puzzle like this is completely necessary, I believe itís more of an action game that relies on itís fast and intense pace to hook the player, but it didnít detract from the gameplay too much.

Where the cookie crumbles though is what I think is the lack of testing. The large pusher section before the final boss almost ruins the game, you could be receiving an amazing one frame per second, an accomplishment even I thought was impossible for a Sploder game. Said section is also pointless, a teleporter straight to the battle would have cut out a whole bleep of filler section as well as eliminating lag. Had this not been included in the game the result would have been better.

This review is a tad short because the whole game is seen in about four minutes, which is definitely NOT a con. To sum it up, is Move Backwards To Win a bad game? Certainly not. Is it a GREAT game? No. I appreciate how this game is fairly addictive with its intense and addictive gameplay. However, Iíd really love to see a sequel with more variety (maybe trying to utilise mud polys in interesting ways) and a section that doesnít wreck the game. Maybe then this concept could succeed even more, because for most of it, I had heaps of fun playing Move Backwards To Win.

3.25 fluffy bunnies out of 5 (3.25/5)

I know itís not nice to cut up a bunny, but I had to. Please donít do this at home.


Move Backwards To Win Reviewed by mat7772 on Tuesday, September 13th 2016. [EGD] Potential At Its Greatest - A game review written by mat7772 for the game 'Move Backwards To Win' by lordeldar. Rating: 5