Sploder Benders Episode 1

By meecha773 :: Monday November 21st, 2016


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Episode One: Pilot TheLuckyDiamond, Geodesigner, and two others are in an earthbending class, and the graduation exam is here! Only two can graduate. Will Lucky beat his opponent, or will he mess up and flunk? Find out now, on Sploder Benders! FINALLY THE FIRST EPISODE OF SPLODER BENDERS! I honestly don't know when episode 2 will come out (I am guessing it will have multiple parts) but I'm excited! Are you excited too? If so, post down in the comments below! (Sorry about the sloppiness of the battles, if someone wants to tell me how to make battles better, contact me through sploder!) On Ep. 2 I might put more effort than I did for this!


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