The Great Squad episode 1 part 1

By meecha773 :: Saturday September 20th, 2014


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This is episode 1 part 1 (note:episodes are kinda long so I will make PARTS of episodes for this show) Movie fact:all sploderians have gamemaker machines. I made some of these graphics because I couldn't find some of them that I needed so I made them. (I made the controller tablet thingies) while the friends made games the sploderians did construction,see how different level 2 is from the other one? The building in the middle is a secret that you will find out in another part,OR episode! (I made the laser because I couldn't find a good one but I like my laser because it swirls,I didn't mean to make it look like it was swirling,but when I saw it I thought it was better than what I wanted! :)!) I know that it ended boring-ly but I thought that part one should be the beginning so I'll make exiting stuff happen in part 2 or 3!


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