Ultimate Ginraider

By metroid100 :: Wednesday April 22nd, 2009


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When Ginraider finds out about a new enemy, He rushes down to an unknown planet to track it down. Ginraider soon realizes that he is dealing with his identical twin, Dark Ginraider(thor)!! Ginraider must travel through different areas and places like: The Ruined Castle, Mystic Drifts, Gavril Falls, and finally, Lava Caverns, where Dark Ginraider hides. Once Ginraider collects the purple gun(rail gun), Ginraider can access an all-new mode called: Ultimate mode. Ginraider will then become Ultimate Ginraider!! Help Ultimate Ginraider defeat the three world bosses, defeat Dark Ginraider, and capture the crystal in this all-new ginraider game!! Visit the new Ginraider website at: www.ginraider.weebly.com


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