A Thrilling Chase!

Review by metroid100 on Sunday, May 29th 2011
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Tom and Jerry is a game created by boredgame

I have to say, i found this game to be quite addictive! It is pretty obvious that the creator put much effort into his game. It is somewhat challenging, but not as hard as you would expect it to be. We all have seen the Tom and Jerry cartoons once or twice, right? We all know that tom always tries to catch Jerry, but never prevails. This game shows alot of that classic action, with a surprise in every level!

I liked that the creator added a bunch of puzzle levels. My personal fave was "Survive the Knives for 20 Seconds". Also, what really made me happy, is that you don't just play as Jerry, you also play as Tom! That was a great idea. Now, what about the design of the game? Well, i can honestly say, that the creator did a fantastic job with the overall design! Every level is just packed with amazing details!


Boredgame did a wonderful job with this game, incorporating every single detail, and staying faithful to the Tom and Jerry cartoons!



Great job, boredgame!


Tom and Jerry Reviewed by metroid100 on Sunday, May 29th 2011. A Thrilling Chase! - A game review written by metroid100 for the game 'Tom and Jerry' by boredgame. Rating: 5