A Work Of Art!

Review by metroid100 on Wednesday, August 25th 2010
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Collider Complex is a game created by crunchynut

I have to say, i found this game really impressive. I saw that the creator payed so much attention to the great work of art and detail. Although, i noticed that the game had less of a challenge than other games i've played in the past. Everyone knows that a game without challenge, is like a game with no fun. I'm not really saying that easy games are no good, im just saying that some people, like me, would prefer more challenging games than very easy and short games.

So, i thought the art, the detail, and the difficulty were all pretty good. Although, i did notice that the game did not have a storyline put into it. All i'm saying is that a good game deserves a good storyline. For example, the creator could have talked about his art a little. So, that's one of the things the creator could have put in.

Now, what about the action? Well, the game was filled with different types of obstacles, but i did find a lack on enemies. It wasn't until the beginning that i noticed there were not much enemies to destroy. When i got to at least almost half the game, i destroyed only up to two enemies.


So, what's my overall thought of this game? Well, i would have to say that the creator was pretty creative with his game. Although, he should of added a little more enemies to put on more of a challenge. Also, a little storyline would of been a nice touch, too. So, just a little advise, don't just pay attention to the art, pay attention to EVERYTHING you put into your game, so that at the end, it will turn out great! Overall, great and creative game, crunchynut!



Keep up the good art, crunchynut!


Collider Complex Reviewed by metroid100 on Wednesday, August 25th 2010. A Work Of Art! - A game review written by metroid100 for the game 'Collider Complex' by crunchynut. Rating: 3