By mewtwoex :: Saturday April 14th, 2012


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The Goldblocks were peaceful blocks, but one day some of them turned to evil, stole the Goldclock, the source of time and motion, and went far away and built a castle.They then made themselves Greyblocks.The ruler of them hid the Goldclock, and since he was sure he would forget, he wrote down the location of it on a piece of paper.He would try to find a way to freeze the Goldblocks in time.After years, he found a way he was sure would work.But when he was freezing the Goldblocks in time, a huge lightning bolt struck the Goldclock.Motion was changed, some blocks could not move, some moved along straight lines.The paper with the location of the Goldclock on it was torn into four pieces and each piece was warped to part of the Greyblock Castle.But one odd thing happened to one Goldblock, named Yu Gamiir.He was turned into a senseless circle that could not feel pain or pleasure.And that part of the story is where we are at, and Yu must team up with another Goldblock, find the four pieces of the paper with the Goldclock's location, and Restore time and motion to normal.


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