The Mighty Hotel

By mightytodd :: Saturday October 29th, 2011


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Rooms for rent, VIP rooms are an award and there will be shops. Bottom rooms are free but only for a week. Sorry gotta make veiws some how. Any way, this is just a way to meet people on sploder, and find knew games to play. So all rooms can be rented for a week, after that 1 award is required for the week after. Please feel free to stay here, just ask, Non VIP is free for a week, VIP is a award for the week, shops coming soon! VIP rooms come with specials! Thanks for joining fellow sploder members! I have assembled together some people to help me with this game, they are Ramjet,Gamecommentaries, cherrydude,and Benadari566, so thanks to them, OTHERS, play their games. That is all the help I need! Also VIP rooms are full, so please try for one next week, we do have regular rooms though! Renavations have been made. 2 VIP rooms are now available and almost double of normal rooms! Also the shop is next to Ramjets room. Everthing is an award. Also, for more people to see and find you nominate this game. That way hundreds of people will know who you are!


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