By mihai9maestrul :: Wednesday August 27th, 2014


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STORY:the school wants to eliminate the summer break and to make the others very very little.i say no so i start my jouney in saving the kids. NOTE:ALL THE GOOD TEACHERS AND THE KIDS GOT OUT BEFORE THE ROCKET HIT.same the bad teachers,cleaners,guards and principal did.the kids that you/i hit in level 5 are in hospital just for 1 day.i did not kill the guards,pricipal,cleaner and proffesor.i hurt them,but not kill them.(i am not a nazist:) ) this game is made for fun because the school will start in 1 month.i hope nobody fell hurt because of the game,but i think that no kid fell hurt by this game.i bet that ALMOST every kid like this game.i did not tried preety much to make good graphichs.


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