The Mega Glitch. Demo

By mikeycoolman :: Tuesday September 30th, 2014


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This is one of my most serious platformer games. Mikeycoolman presents to you, "The Mega Glitch. Demo"! Please vote five stars and nominate if you liked it and try not to post negative comments because I spent a lot of time on this game. Most of the glitches are my own except for two, so credits to Raanu456 and GlitchMaster for these too. I am also hoping that this game might be able to win this week's contest, so please help to nominate! Thx so much. This game is in fact a compilation of some of the cool glitches that I know, and I will make the full version of this game if it hits 75 views, gets a lot of good comments and requests for the full version or wins the contest! Do tell me if you like it and want the full version of this game! Hope you enjoy playing this.:)


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