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Review by milking on Monday, August 13th 2012
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Treasure is a game created by sto4


Hello dear Sploder members. It's me, Milking, again. Welcome to my 5th Review and my first Editor application! So you see, Superluigi77 PM'd me the Editor application. Today I'll give you my best and my longest Review, because getting the Editor rank means a lot to me! I was searching for a good and feature worthy game, and I found it; Treasure by Sto4. Hope you enjoy.


Sto4 makes some brilliant puzzle games. He actually didn't make that good games in the past, because I looked over some of his older games, and they weren't that good and not feature worthy. So as you see, Sto4 didn't have the best games earlier. But time was passing, and Sto4's game making was approving. I admit, it did take a year and a half, but he approved and started making awesome and challenging platformers. He isn't good at Shooter from what I know, but he really approved in the plat creator. Most of his newest plats are featured, which is impressive. Sto4's secret recipe is good and hard puzzles. He actually uses power-ups, enemies and he actually uses decorations for making puzzles. That's what I call epic, that's Sto4's way. Haha, okay, lets get to the GamePlay and see if there's some lag, hows the enemy placement, etc.


Well, here we are, lets start. First of all, just so you know, I didn't pass the game, because I got stuck. Cheers. Okay, I found a little lag at the first part of the game, but that isn't a big problem. Lag can actually ruin the whole game, because if the game lags, you move very slow and everything's going quite slow. But this was just a little lag on the beginning, so, that doesn't ruin the game or anything. The enemy placement was fine, the enemies were well placed, but, in my opinion, I think there need to be more enemies. Of all those puzzles, there are enemies, but the game just needs a little bit more action. I'm not saying the game was a little boring because of no enemies, but it just needs something more than just puzzles, puzzles and puzzles, lol. The puzzles were everywhere, at every corner! Sto4 made the puzzles with invisible switches. He putted them somewhere everywhere, as they say. But that isn't a bad thing, it's actually good. It makes the game more interesting and also harder.

Sto4 didn't put much power-ups, which is good. But when you look, the power-ups weren't needed. He didn't put much enemies, or hazards (except a little bit of lava). So yeah, they weren't needed, because the main thing are the amazing puzzles. The other thing I will say in the GamePlay is the tile selection. This may not be too important, but I'll talk about it anyways. The tile selection was good, it kinda got good and fitted with the game name Treasure. It sounds weird when I say it, but it's true, lol. Okay, lets get onto the Positives & Negatives.

Positives and Negatives

So, you guys know my rules, I always talk about the Negatives first, and then I talk about the Positives. The negatives are: Enemies and hazards. So you see, there aren't much negatives. There's just one; the enemies and hazards. As I said before, there aren't much enemies and hazards. I saw some enemies, but not too much. If this game had a bit more enemies, it would be more interesting, challenging and more harder. But, it was all Sto4's decision. But yes, this doesn't mean that the game is stupid and not awesome, it just doesn't have much action, that's it. Okay, the positives: The puzzles, power-ups, game name, tiles and decoration. The puzzles were awesome, but not new. I mean, very much Sploder members put those invisible switches and hide them somewhere everywhere, but I don't mind. For the power-ups, there weren't much, which is good. But yeh, as I said, not too much enemies, not too much power-ups. Ah yes, the game name was classic. It's maybe like an old movie name, or a pirate movie? Arrgh! Haha, but seriously, I liked it. Treasure... It's catchy. The tiles were good, it was a nice color. But, from what I saw, there aren't any decorations. But why did I put this in Positives you might ask? I's in the positives because this game actually doesn't need any decorations. This is a perfect puzzle game, it doesn't need any decorations. Okay, the Pros and Cons are awaiting!


-Needing more enemies and hazards.


-Much puzzles, which is good.

-Not too much power-ups, good.

-The game name was good and classic.

-Interesting choice of tiles.

-No decorations at all, it's good.


Gameplay: ___/__

The GamPlay had everything it needed, just not enough enemies. The rating is one block lower because of that, but as I said, it's not a big problem.

Puzzles: ___/__

They weren't original, because much members use it, but in my opinion, they were good.

Tiles and Decoration: ___/__

The tiles were shineyyy... Um, what I mean is, they had a nice color and they fit in. For the decorations, they aren't needed for a good and classic puzzle game.

Enemy Placement: __/___

The enemy placement was nice, as in for a couple of these enemies I saw in the game.

Game Name: ____/_

It was a real name for this game. It was very original and classic. It fitted in the game. So yeah, I liked it.

Feature Worthy

So, we are here. So, is this game feature worthy. In my opinion, yes. I admit, it's not the best feature worthy game, but it still deserves a feature. It was hard, challenging, interesting and much more. So, that's a yes from me.


Well guys, this is the end of my Editor application. I hope you enjoyed this review and liked it. Wish me luck. Bye! :D


Treasure Reviewed by milking on Monday, August 13th 2012. I Found Some Gold! I'm Rich! - A game review written by milking for the game 'Treasure' by sto4. Rating: 5