test your knownlegde on spolder

By minelol21 :: Sunday September 29th, 2013


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made to test your knowlegde on spolder first you go way left and you find jumps go up them then youll see a swarm of bats kill them if they push u off jump over the blocks then swim throuthgh lava then get back to then then theres a invinceible swith with ativaties a cbleep wait for the cbleep the go on it then do some parkour and grappleing then walk across logs then a teleporter teleportes you to a place with 9 big robots 2 of them like mega rrobot and 2 fire trools and probes and turgets locking the fire trolls shooting veiw and a weak floor run under that is lave tops and across it is a teleporter that teleportes you to your crystel then on lvl 2 you go up super hard jumps then theres a trap that leads you into lava tops if you get pass them traps you get a bule key then theres parkour and if you fall down on the last 2 jumps you can grapple back up cuz a grapple is there after them 2 jumps you get a green key then you go up lava then fall in water then go up land in lava and lava tops theres also loads of cookies and amour 2 and 1 after you go down the lava u get a yellow key and if you fall and say hey a free pass well nup theres a invinceble swith and a cbleep to kill u and then theres you thing all you guys hate ground door runs but theres a check piontafter that you get a purple key then follow the water to the other side of the wall you saw in the begining and then use your keys to get throuth the door and you have won game by:minelol 21 age:8 and a forth newest game gotten:pokemon mystery dungon gates to infinity consoles:3ds mood:good cannels on tv:hmd1/2 pc dtv av atv fan of:mario minecraft pokemon sonicwhat i want:to at least have 1 of my very good games to be a contest winner ive being in this site for half a year and nearly noone nomintates my ausome games so plaz let me win a contest bye


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