Revenge Isn't The Answer

Review by minerva on Monday, August 19th 2013
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Crimson Blade is a game created by dudki

I am really glad that EGD reviews are finally over. Now Moola won't be on her period anymore screaming at us to only review EGD games. Well back on topic. It felt like years since my last review was published, of course I'm exaggerating but I'm back reviewing and trying a completely different style.


The reason I played this game was because it had a really cool bleep title. I played this game the moment Dudki made a thread about it in the forums. The title looked cool and from his recent features I was expecting a good game. So on to the review since you came here for it.


Close your eyes and imagine that your brother was killed right in front of you by some kind of gang. The only way to avenge your brother is by killing the person responsible for this. This was the description of the game and it sounds just like your typical story. Although I did felt like throughout the game, the story would get off topic or a bit confusing. Anyways I liked how Dudki would set the tone for each level. Like in level 1 you’re going on to your mission and basically just remembering your brother and so he would put a sad song for that level. And for level 2 you’re on your mission (usually where the action starts) and he would put an action toned song and so on.

One of the things that caught my eye were the graphics. He created (well I don’t know if he actually did created the graphics or not, so I’m just assuming he did) the fire graphic and put some of them on the towers. (Towers, houses, whatever) He also added rocks that were really amazing and don’t forget the dead bodies. He would put some dead bodies here and there and would put something along the lines of this “the gang did this and you need to hurry up before they keep on killing more innocent people.” Did I also mention that he also used bandit graphics in his game? It would be weird fighting a thor or a nonhuman enemy in the game since the story would not make any type of sense. (Except for level four) Something creepy or cool I saw was the bat with red eyes in level two, it was just wow.

In some of the levels were optional side quests. For example in level three, you had to jump obstacles (believe me it wasn’t easy) to collect an extra life. But it was optional just like I said; you didn’t have to go there if you didn’t want to, you could just go on to the next level. But who wouldn’t choose to go the side quest? Yeah I know it would be time consuming but for an extra life, it was worth it. I felt that when these side quests showed up, you had to go explore to go look for them and it was difficult searching for them. Basically they’ll be hidden, like hidden passageways. You didn’t know if they were there, just like I mentioned, you had to go search for them. I did like this idea because you had to go and explore throughout the whole map.

One of the most annoying but fun levels was level 4. I did experience some lag and it kind of ruined it. It made it a sort of difficult since you had to jump obstacles. (It was probably just my stupid computer tho) Something that did annoy me was that weak block you had to jump up to unlock a burstitle. What happens if I touched the weak block and it disappears, what should I do? Restart the game again? I know it made the game a challenge but still he should at least put one more on top of it. It’s just like he’s basically giving you one chance to go there and if you ruin it, you have to restart the game. (Meaning that all the levels you did were for nothing) You have no idea how frustrated I was.

One of the traps I’ve encountered was in level four I believe and you can just tell by looking at it, it was a trap. Nice try, trying to fool me Dudki. But anyways every time I was going to pass there, it scared me to death falling through there. Now that I do remember, I did fell and then something I did ask myself was: How can I be so stupid, falling through there? After that I didn’t even want to look at this game, but you know I had to finish writing this review, so I couldn’t back down. I start something, I finish it. Another topic I want to discuss is puzzles. I don’t know if this was a puzzle or not but I’m still considering it a puzzle. You had to drop a ball and this ball would fall (ooh that rhymes) to this hole and then after that you had to activate a trap door and the trap door would push against this ball, activating the green switch. I wasn’t really impressed with this puzzle; it was really simple in my opinion.

I love the scenery in this game; I just can’t describe how perfect it is. It’s just something entertaining to look at, you know. (Twss) It goes along with the theme of the game and it basically just flows in. The block placement was really good as well. He’ll combine different types of block that had different colors and just intersect them which was really interesting. Another thing I liked was the enemy placement too. Every time you had to jump on an obstacle in the game, there would just be those two freaking annoying bats of hell. They’ll keep on going on your way and they’ll do anything to make you fall off and just make you want to kill them even more. Oh you have no idea how proud I was when I killed those stupid bats just like receiving a godbleep laptop for Christmas, that’s how I felt.

So to wrap this up I didn’t beat the game but I think I made it through enough to judge it. I didn’t really die in level 4 (I think I died at that level) but the lag was just ruining it for me, I just gave up from there because it made it impossible for me to jump on the obstacles. (The game was basically jumping on obstacles)But other than that I did like the action in there, I would find myself fighting with monsters and other enemies that Dudki would disguise within the game. So now for the ratings, this review is finally coming to an end. =D


Description: __._____/_____

Action: ____/_____

Graphics/Scenery: _____/_____

Difficulty: ____/_____

Traps/Puzzles: __/_____

Block/Enemy Placement: _____/_____

Overall: ___._____/_____

Feature Worthy?

In conclusion, I was the one to feature this so obviously I consider this feature worthy. Sure there were a couple of flaws in this game and every game has something bad about it, just like this one did. But I consider it feature worthy since I know that a ton of effort was put into it. Definitely worth your time to play.

~Minny out


Crimson Blade Reviewed by minerva on Monday, August 19th 2013. Revenge Isn't The Answer - A game review written by minerva for the game 'Crimson Blade' by dudki. Rating: 5