Wishing Gale I

By minnybox :: Sunday September 23rd, 2012


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The thing that OOC did to my family will haunt me forever. My mother and father had already been slayed by their troops, so it became pretty obvious that Gale and I were in danger, I just didn't think how much... Gale: How long have we been here? Me: Probably 2...3 hours. Look, Gale, I don't know. Gale: Where's mum and dad? Me: Their... gone. Somewhere. Gale: Where? Me: ... Gale: WHERE? Me: I don't know, OK! Me: Aww, Gale, I'm sorry, but I don't know really anything right now. You gotta think for yourself OK? Gale: Ok. Yes. I'll think. The hatch opens and two hands grab us and drag us out. Gale screams and struggles, so do I. They shove me into a truck and carefully escort Gale into a fancy black car. She screams my name before the truck moves and I loose sight of her. I clutch the side of the truck so I don't fall off. Tears pour down my face and I hang my head in shame. The last person I loved... gone. Forever.

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