The Great Escape

By missemilia :: Sunday March 29th, 2009


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Poppy and her mum lived in a little cottage by the river.Her mum and dad had split up the day she was born,so her dad moved into a mansion with his new girlfriend.Poppy never really cared,as she loved her mum more than anyone else in the world.But one day,a most tragic thing happens.Poppy's mum had got cancer,and was going to die. After a few months,her mum died.Poppy was then forced to live with her horrible father and his mean girlfriend.Her father tortured her until poor Poppy could bear it no longer,and so decided to run away to the old cottage where she lived with her mum. In this mission,you have to bring poppy back to her old house.But be careful,as there are monsters along the way.Collect all the crystals along the way,until you get to Poppy's mum's house


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