Escape from Hell

By moderator698 :: Monday March 25th, 2013


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BASED ON THE HIT MOVIE "ESCAPE FROM HELL"COMES AN FANTASTIC DEMO THAT TAKES PLACE IN THE YEAR 2002,ROBRICK PUHOLS,,IS AN BRITISH EVIL DRUG LORD AND KILLED MILLIONS OF PEOPLE DURING THE DRUG WARS IN MANCHESTER AND LIVERPOOL,Robrick was then killed on march of 2002 and was indeed send to hell,where god has banished you too,but Robrick is an athiest,so he doesnt believe in god but then he meets him,and realizes now that being considered a evil hatred person is not cool at all,and so is being in hell a very bad it is up to him to escape and meet and kill some of the most famous figures/beings in all of bible and modern science history.dont forget to play and unleash the full game coming soon!.


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