[TR] What Type Of Jelly Bean Is This Again?

Review by moolatycoon on Wednesday, January 18th 2012
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GrandQuest is a game created by ravicale

A review on Grandquest by Ravicale

Ravicale is one of my favorite platformer creators, so I am excited to play another one of his “grand” creations. Grand Quest has gotten high marks and has even been voted on for the EGL. I’ve tried this game, but lost due to the intense difficulty multiple times, hopefully lucky number 7 will be a charm. Even by the first level, I know this game will be great so hopefully I will be able to get more of the game. There are so many different elements in this game, just like there are jelly beans in a box, omnomnomnom, hopefully I can do the same with this game (No, I don’t think it is physically possible to eat an online game) but back to the point, I hope this game will not be just one big liquorish jelly bean (yes the black ones) unless you like liquorish….Let’s get started.

I actually beat this game, so I can give you a full review on the full game. This game has so many different types of puzzles, traps enemies and platforming areas. All of this makes a delicious smoothie, with jelly beans that is. Going into the puzzle aspect of the game, it was great, it was like the cherry jelly beans (I don’t know anyone who hates them). It was sweet and it blended together well. The puzzles in this game varied from platforming under pressure to pressing switches simultaneously. One level you are forced to switch between two towers while solving puzzles in both, a brilliant move on Ravi’s part. He really nailed this aspect and he made me want to eat those puzzles up, unfortunately that is not physically possible, so I had to settle for jelly beans instead, both great. Of course with every pro there is a con. After a while, some of the puzzles got a little redundant, not a huge occurring problem in the game, but it did put a little black jelly bean in it, and no I don’t care if you like the black ones, I hate them. In this game I could tell Ravicale took his time creating each individual puzzle, and he did a nice job, but eventually I guess he ran out. Other than that Ravi did a great job.

Om nom nom nom nom….huh, oh…Well, talking about the scenery, Ravi did a fantastic job in this aspect of the game. He used many different tiles and bricks to make this game look good. It was like a green jelly bean, odd and delicious. Ravicale did not leave many inside areas blank. He also made sure that the outside areas were decorated with many different torches and backgrounds as well. In levels such as the village or the towers, he incorporated many different things, such as the watery area you start in for the well, or the small house area as a barracks. Ravicale made sure that this game was appealing to the gamer and to the eye in general, using many different colors and architectural styles. No, I don’t think jelly beans are architectural, but they still can relate with the different flavors of this game. Again, I feel Ravi nailed this aspect of the game, except this time I did not find any notable cons to this portion.

Ooooo, a green one, and a blue one, and a……oh yeah…… Ravicale did a nice job with the enemies and enemy placement in this game. He gave a nice variance on the enemies you were fighting, and he placed them in strategic spots around his stadium. The enemies posed a challenge, but they can be defeated. One problem I had with this game was that there was a considerable amount of lag on certain levels making enemies a little harder to beat. Was there lag on every level? Not really, but the worst one was level two. Killing the enemies was a challenge in that aspect. The enemy aspect was like an orange jelly bean, tangy, not my favorite, but still considerably good. Ravicale used almost every enemy in the arsenal of choices, and I think he did a considerable job in choosing what enemy goes where. I also like the use of the Archers. He put them in places where they could hurt you and you could hurt them but, they would screw you over most of the time. Did I feel like I wanted to eat this part of the game? Not really, good thing though, I don’t think a sword though the roof of my mouth would feel good. Ravicale could try to reduce the lag, and that would help make the game flow better. I still like how many different enemies he used, ranging from the mutants, to the thugs. I was glad to see him using tougher enemies as well, such as snarly and Thor. Ravicale worked on this area a lot, I could tell.

Oh noes, my box of jelly beans for this review is almost empty, I mean erm, and yeah the layout was fantastic. I think this was what Ravicale spent the most time on out of everything else. Just the basic outline of each level showed skill and determination. He had great concept for each idea and I could tell he worked a lot just to make a basic outline. This area of the game was like a light blue jelly bean, omnomnomlicious. As far as I could tell, the only level that was not extraordinary in the basic layout area was the first one, but it was a basic training level anyway. Overall throughout the entire game Ravi’s hard work earned him a spot amongst the featured games.


-Great Puzzles

-Outstanding Scenery

-Awesome enemy range

-Strategic enemy placement

-Great basic design


-Some Levels lagged

-Some puzzles got a little repetitive.


Puzzles – ____.5/_____:

Scenery – _____/_____:

Enemy Choice – ____.5/_____:

Enemy Placement – ____.5/_____:

Lag – ___/_____:

Layout – ____.5/_____:

Overall – ____.5/_____:

Well after playing this game I was defiantly full, partly because the crave to eat this game grew stronger and stronger until I scarfed down a whole box of jelly beans, but also because of the talent expressed. Ravicale did a great job making this game and I hope to see some more of his projects beat this work of art.

This has been my first review and first [TR] Review, signing out



GrandQuest Reviewed by moolatycoon on Wednesday, January 18th 2012. [TR] What Type Of Jelly Bean Is This Again? - A game review written by moolatycoon for the game 'GrandQuest' by ravicale. Rating: 5