[EGD] Let Us Review A Game About Wood!

Review by moolatycoon on Sunday, October 28th 2012
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Gunman 6 Ebony Awaits is a game created by shadross

Hello ladies and gentleman, back for another review. This time I will take on the mighty Gunman 6 Ebony Awaits by Shadross. No idea why he is all of a sudden getting into this Ebony stuff. Ahem "Ebony is a dense black wood, most commonly yielded by several species in the genus Diospyros, but ebony may also refer to other heavy, black (or dark colored) woods from unrelated species. Ebony is dense enough to sink in water. Its fine texture, and very smooth finish when polished, make it valuable as an ornamental wood. The word "ebony" derives from the Ancient Egyptian hbny, via the Ancient Greek ἔβενος (√©venos), by way of Latin and Middle English." Thank you wikipedia. So the dark piece of wood awaits? Grrrreeeeeet."

Anyways, this game won first (or second) for the ppg section of EGD 2012. It is a 9 level action ppg and the finale to Shad's gunman series. Let us dive into a Shadross game."

Lets go from worst to best, shall we? The controls of the game? They are horrid. I had a hard time aiming quickly while still shooting. I think he should have made the shooting mouse click instead of spacebar. As for the actual character, it is hell to get him to move around the levels. Jumping? Yea, no. I only got 5 levels into the game because of this.

The Level layouts were really not that impressive. It was kind of a "hit this move on" kind of thing. It is utter hell to maneuver certain levels, and it is just really glitchy, not to mention that your character moves like a turtle for a minute, then the stage freaks out and you are rushing down like a speeding bullet to death by monster thing lava.

The puzzles and traps? I didn't particularly like them, but they did their job. Most of the puzzles were hit this, now I can go in here, but the boss fight on level 3 was purty cool and creative, considering it is a puzzle like enemy. The traps are well made, they kind of screw you over, such as the one on level 5. The boss trap on level 4 is pretty nice too, but a little unforgiving. Anyways, the traps are creative, but they aren't really enjoyable. Not bad, but not good either.

The enemy placement? It was pretty cool. The enemy concept, it was really creative. The worm was particularly well made. Killing the enemies? Hell. You had to get up really close to blast them with your gun, otherwise the pressure would not be enough and they would not break. This is annoying, considering even if you are close, it still takes like 15 shoots before you get a lucky one that happens to kill the enemy. However, going into the positives, the enemies were placed really well for the most part. they did their jobs as being a nuisance. The idea was cool too.

Now onto the best part, the graphics. This game is kind of laggy, but the graphics and background are amazing. They are unique, pretty, and overall just badass. Shad put a lot of work into designing each enemy, each tile, even the bullets are cool looking, however dysfunctional they may be. The bosses look pretty cool (after inspecting his graphics at the MSM panel) and he just gave the game a nice overall look. The graphics were high above average. Nice job.


Controls: 1/5

Layout: 1.5/5

Puzzles/Traps 2/5

Battle Sequences 1.5/5

Enemy Placement/Concept 3/5

Graphics 5/5

Background 5/5

Creativity 4.5/5

Overall 2.75/5

Honestly, I was tough on this game, and it ranked well, the graphics and background really made this game win though. I recommend making the controls a little friendly, and making sure that it isn't hell to shoot things to death in later shooting ppg games Shad, k? Make sure that the controls are not shaky and irritating. Its not a bad game but It will take a lot of skill in the ppg arts to beat. The bosses were pretty cool, keep it up. Also, next time, don't kill trees to make games. GO GREEN!!!!!!!!1111!!!11!


Gunman 6 Ebony Awaits Reviewed by moolatycoon on Sunday, October 28th 2012. [EGD] Let Us Review A Game About Wood! - A game review written by moolatycoon for the game 'Gunman 6 Ebony Awaits' by shadross. Rating: 2