I hate Sploder

By mshaafay :: Sunday April 22nd, 2012


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It's so sad that good things get hated the most. And that's the same with Sploder. I don't hate Sploder, THE GAME HATES SPLODER! I love Sploder, but this game is using my account to pose a challenge for you. If you beat it, you will prove that Sploder is not a bad site, and is infact the place of awesomeness. Sadly, this game doesn't believe you. So beat the hell out of this game to stop it from saying "I HATE SPLODER!" ✨🌟💫 --old description for sentimental value-- Let us start with the fact that the game hates sploder. I dont! The game does! HE hates it too much that he is posing a challenge for you. Will you be able to pass it and show that the site isn't so bad? Then go! To make sure he doesn't say " I HATE SPLODER!"


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