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Review by mshaafay on Tuesday, July 10th 2012
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Blosics. is a game created by enzo186

ZOMG, Its ENZO! OK so Enzo186 did come back from bits of inactivity not long ago and the run has once again appearing..I am reviewing a game! Now to slam this review up and start the engine, and zap it up...Lets turn the key, kids! :D

Off it goes!...What about it?

To start things off, the one year old game had the rather simple concept of knocking tiny squares (or boxes, whichever you wish to call them), usually 100- out of a little more-off the screen with a ball. Simple spawning and easily made. Nonsense! I haven't experienced much of his skills, but the fact of him having 6 features and the rising quality of feedback easily made me realise the potential. Incorporating bounce walls, obstacles, or what not is just what made me play it.

Now for the Push off review

~The URGE~ The gameplay was darn entertaining. I could push those things forever (OK, I admit, I am just exaggerating), but ofcourse I would get bored. Never to fear, I'd say! From the point of the second level, combining concepts led to challenging fun and fantastic results. Yes, sometimes his ideas would fail to impress me as they can be too easy but hey...This is a PPG and he is a kid...THINK MORE??

~Not THERE...over THERE...Then THERE...Ok HERE~ Probably a really long paragraph title...I probably shouldn't have placed it there...(giggles). Speaking of placement, lets face one of the important factors in a game (especially this one), the placement. The ball spawning is usually placed at the sides of a huge block of tiny little blocks (hey! Another word for it =o), and in a few levels,might need to aim elsewhere, to get the blocks off. Brushing up the blocks, the placement just HAD to reflect the difficulty. This included enemy blocks that weren't meant to fall off, causing head scratching gamers to scratch faster xp.

~HARD..HARD...bricks :p~ Not as hard as brick, that's for sure. It would get too easy once one gets the hang off it, meddling with gravity physics, mostly. Blosics has many obstacles in the way in order to beef up the game. From the whole game, Level 7 and 8 was at the peak of difficulty whereas level 7 requires great aiming and level 8 needs you to scratch your brain and think. It was compromised well, and was "Awesome game! Groundbreaking!" (Taken DIRECTLY from Geoff's word on the demo C=)

~Lets Push it together now!~ Overall, the game had it's ups and also it's downs. The concept was nice and the game was overall fun. Yet, he could do a bit better on some levels =D

Push off Ratings and that stuff

Sheesh, I have to tell you? Ratings, advantages....Oh I'll just PUSH YOU OFF!

I hope this pushes you off!

Gameplay- 7/10

Placement- 9.5/10

Effort- 3.2/5

Replayness- 9.7/10

What is pushed up...Must go down >:P






-A Bit too easy

Overall: ____/_____

Hug, Kiss, or throw off a cliff?


Blosics. Reviewed by mshaafay on Tuesday, July 10th 2012. Dig Up A Little Back...off - A game review written by mshaafay for the game 'Blosics.' by enzo186. Rating: 4