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Review by myownself on Saturday, October 22nd 2011
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Gilded Puzzles is a game created by lumberjay

Hello, and welcome to my 3rd review. I wanted to have on up sooner than this, but I've been busy. Well, here we go.

So today, I'm going to be reviewing Gilded Puzzles by Lumberjay. Lumberjay is one of my favorites when i comes to PPG's with Graphics. But this game was his first featured PPG without any graphics. (The Graphics Creator had not come out yet.) Would this game still fare well with me, or would my opinion not be the same as for his other games?

Gameplay: Unlike most PPG's when they were first being made, this game had more than simple gameplay. You see it around a lot now, but to my knowledge this is one of the first game that had you controlling more than one thing at a time. In this case it's circles. *Neon Circles* In fact, everything in the game is neon. (Please refrain from singing the song until this review is over.) Each ball can go through things of it's own color. This too is seen in a lot of games now, but was a pretty fresh idea back when Lumberjay made this game. There isn't a lot of action in this game, but is more puzzle centric, considering the title of the game. Overall the gameplay feels smooth and not too overwhelming.

Puzzles: Looking for a game with mounds of puzzles? Well this game is full of them. The puzzles range from making sure one ball doesn't fall into a trap as you move the other two, getting bombs to the enemies to destroy them, etc. (I don't want to ruin the game for those who haven't played it yet.) As I played the game, I began loving all the puzzles Lumber put into his game. They may seem simple to the eye, but despite this game being only 3 levels, it still took me about 8 minutes to beat. After I beat the game, I was left wanting more Gilded Puzzles. Even the boss battle, that I believe was meant to have a more action type feeling, it was still one big puzzle, though it was quite easy compared to the other two levels.

Difficulty: This game was pretty difficult. The first two levels took me countless times to figure out. There are many ways that look like they could be the solution to the puzzle, but to my knowledge of playing the game, there is only one solution. I was suspecting a really hard boss battle, but instead got one easier than the first two levels. Although the game was hard, it wasn't so hard that you wanted to quit the game. This made Lumber's game enjoyable, and I didn't have the urge to quit even once to go scream into a pillow.


This game had some great gameplay. While it was difficult, the gameplay felt very smooth. Gilded Puzzles also had some great puzzles, save the boss at the end, and left me wanting more. The difficulty was perfect, to where it was enjoyable, and didn't make me want to go hurt somebody.


Even though this was meant to be a puzzle game, I would say that it still needed some more action. I was also kind of disappointed with the final boss battle. It was a little to easy.





To me this game gets an overall solid 8/10

Was it Feature worthy?-To me, for this game you have to look at when it was featured. At the time there was no graphics editor, so this was great for back then. If this game was made now though, I would say that it wouldn't be feature worthy.

This has been a review by yours truly, Myownself


Gilded Puzzles Reviewed by myownself on Saturday, October 22nd 2011. [F.S.R] NeonNeonNeonNeon.... - A game review written by myownself for the game 'Gilded Puzzles' by lumberjay. Rating: 4