Pokemon Music Beta 2

By na24 :: Saturday January 12th, 2019


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Took over 5 hours to finish and fix kinks. Long time for the text and Pokemon Center. PokeMart will be different just needed to publish. This is the last music instalment. Also this was another test than music. 2 music things and just better testing for the Pokemon game. One more test that will come. I spent a week on and off with this. Another single battle format will come and along with that there will be a double. Both will be in the same game. A double encounter will be in there as well. It will start with the normal start of the battle but will also show an HP Bar when you click both players. The double battle will have the same thing but it will have both but a little smaller. You know how the older Pokemon games did it. Please enjoy and leave comments. I would love to hear your thoughts and Thank you for being an active supporter.


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