Dear anti hacker groups..

By nadia2005 :: Tuesday December 6th, 2016


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{WALL OF TEXT INCOMING! If you dont wanna read the whole thing, just copy and paste it into a text to speech program (reccommend ttsreader for this wall) and play it in another tab while doing things} Recently, I've been noticing more people making anti hacker things and telling them to stop. First, lets go over the term hacker. "Hacking" on here means just logging onto another persons account, which im pretty sure isnt illegal (this is a copy and pasted script on one of nadirahs games, she said hacking on here was illegal). REAL hacking is doing stuff like DDOSing, causing crashing, and much more harmful and serious stuff. I dount many people who actually know how to really hack would waste their time and skills on a smaller site like this rather than a bigger media. Another thing: Hackers aren't gonna stop because someone told them to stop, thats like giving a crazy 16 yr old keys and beer and telling them to not drink while driving. There's no possible way to permanently stop hackers forever, they will always come back to make a new account. Being banned normally doesnt do a thing to hackers, the only thing it disables is commenting and awards. If they get suspended (which im pretty sure only happens if u make enough 18 and over games), they can just make another account in like 15 seconds since theres no email confirmation. If somehow something happens again which stops them from creating new accounts (which there are no known ways to stop people from creating accounts), they can just login to another account that they got into, go to another IP, or get an account from bugmenot. So yeah... With our current systems, its pretty impossible to stop hackers permanently. Even if you do stop a single hacker forever, theres tons of them, and new ones will always come over time. Just dont set a stupid password or give it out and nothing will really happen. More people need to learn this. Anti hacker groups and telling them to stop is pretty useless. And same goes for ppl who break other rules and make 18 and over games, they just make new accs if they get suspended. Unless you think your speech to them will actually motivate them to stop, dont do it. Theres already millions of "wow stop hacking ur ruining sploder" games. Why do you even do this? They just want attention. The "hackers" and other rulebreakers do less than you actually think. The mods can deal with rulebreakers pretty quick if you report them, especially if people dont abuse the report system, and hackers just feed off of passwords already given away. Unless they are ACTUAL REAL HACKERS, they cant get your password if its not stupid. I mean cmon... Most of the non-staff people here are 6-15, and most older people have better stuff to do than learn secret hacking techniques just to hack a small little website.


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