EGD Review: Resident Evil

Review by neal on Friday, July 16th 2010
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Resident Evil is a game created by 7grant2

Epic. I could honestly leave my review at that because it describes the game perfectly in one word. But i won't. I've never been so addicted and attached to a sploder game in all the 2 years I've been here. This game is everything i look for in a game, fun, addicting, and making you want to hit that replay button every time you die.

This game really reminds me of fallout. Every second of this game you will have barely any health making you very cautious and not just run into the game. Through-out this game enemy's will be something that you really want to avoid, heck even a bat killed me a couple of times.

This is defiantly the best exploration game I've played. I'm usually the type of person to just want to cut to the chase, but boy this game changed that about me. I can honestly say I literally explored each area of this game until i found every item, enemy, and hidden puzzle. This game doesn't just LET you explore, it makes you WANT to explore. Exploring this game will defiantly give you a lot more game play, and even though most of it is optional you will want to anyway.

I found some other things really interesting about this game. Like the hidden puzzles, there completely optional but if you do manage to solve them you will get stuff like a health pack, gun ammo, ect. Which will give you the competitive edge at beating this game.

And I'm not going to ruin the boss battle at the end, but i can tell you it's nothing short of epic and fun.

There is a lot more things in this game that i haven't even mentioned. But, I'll just leave that for you to find out.


Puzzles: 8.5/10

Lag 8/10 (10 meaning there's no lag)

Action: 10/10

Addicting factor: 10/10

Creativity: 10/10

Length: 9/10

Overall: 10/10

Grant, this was an truly amazing game. And hopefully there's a sequel sometime in the future.


Resident Evil Reviewed by neal on Friday, July 16th 2010. EGD Review: Resident Evil - A game review written by neal for the game 'Resident Evil' by 7grant2. Rating: 5