Blockcraft- By Spellmage

Review by netshark on Thursday, June 30th 2011
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Blockcraft is a game created by spellmage

Pre Thoughts

Spellmage is a great game creator, when it comes to making plats, and shooters. I honestly don't know what to expect when I play his first Physics game. Blockcraft sounds like a pretty catchy name, but will see. Anyways, on to the review...


When you first open up the game, you realize that the game is not very creative considering that you only see a couple of items in the playfield. Well, that's where you’re wrong about the creativity of the game. Since there is no way to win the game, I figured out that this is just a creating game for fun.

You must read the description of the game to get how to play the game. Basically all the game is for, was to just build a bunch of stuff/buildings and use the bombs to blow it up, and just re-create stuff a different way, and then of course just blows it up again. This game can get a bit boring after a couple of minutes of play time, but it's not really for action packed game players. It's more made for the ones who don't like action and just like to build things.

Now I want to explain the concept of what the objects do in the game. First off you have the big block that just makes other big blocks when pressed with the space button. Which I guess acts like a floor for a building or whatever you little mind thinks off. Then you have other objects that kind of act the same as the big block. Also not mention you have a person that well... acts like person. You also have a bomb that when you press the space button it takes a couple of seconds and explodes. I just wanted to explain the important of the game by describing the objects that basically make up the whole game.

The creativity of the game was very good, considering all you do is make up stuff and blow it all way. Honestly, the creativity of the game were you can build and destroy is the only meaning for this game. I would mostly just call it a mini game considering you can’t do much besides build ect. I know the Physics is pretty new, and I know it's hard, but I honestly think that it could have been better made, but it's just a mini game for fun, which is ok.

After Thoughts

Like I said before this game is definitely not the best, but it is a pretty good mini game which gives you quite a bit to offer with the creativity. Also like I said before, the game is not made for action packed skilled gamers. It's just for the people who don't like huge action packed games, and love to just play around with stuff. Overall it was a definitely great mini game.


Fun: ***/5

Creativity: ****/5

Puzzle: **/5

Action: **/5

Overall rating: ***/5

This is a good mini game, but it could have been made better. I still expect to see more good stuff from Spellmage.


Blockcraft Reviewed by netshark on Thursday, June 30th 2011. Blockcraft- By Spellmage - A game review written by netshark for the game 'Blockcraft' by spellmage. Rating: 3