[RRR] Never Fails To Impress

Review by netshark on Thursday, September 12th 2013
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Tyrant is a game created by rocketeer


The title of this review represents Rocketeer's game creation skills substantially. Even with the small amount of plats he's previously released before this game, he's quickly gained my interest. Having this said, I had extremely high expectations for this game regardless. Judging from previous games, Rocketeer is definitely one of my favored platform game creators. The effort to execution of his plats makes him stand out amongst other creators enormously in my opinion. Anything from great game-play, level design, to storyline he offers in each and every one of his plats, which if you ask me is pretty difficult to pull off. Question is, can he supply us with another satisfying plat? Read further on to find out!

Game Review

The story behind this game was well incorporated, and kept the game interesting. The plot was based around two, cruel, dictator gods who basically oppressed humanity. With that, three warriors embark on an adventure to topple the gods and free their own kind. Many story-lines don't correspond with the game which can quickly throw the game off, but in my opinion Rocketeer definitely hit the mark with Tyrant. Tough to pull off in some occasions, but nicely done with this project.

Along with a great storyline, must come the game play component. With Tyrant, Rocketeer did just that. First off, I encountered no lag throughout the entire game which from that made the game play smooth and enjoyable. This is surprising in a game like this because for one it wasn't published in 8-bit, and also the game used a decent amount of lighting effects throughout levels. By this, you can incorporate that Rocketeer carefully planned each level. Props to Rocketeer on that one.

Aside from smooth game play, this game possessed intricate design/scenery. Like most of Rocketeer's plats, he makes each of them stand out for their scenic sense, and Tyrant didn't fail to fit in.

One of the most important components a good game needs to simply be called a good game would be it's level design, and actions. Tyrant exceeded this to say the least. How you may ask? Each level included entertaining game play as Tyrant was able to maintain my interest throughout the entire game. The amount of action scenes you encounter throughout the game I believe were used, and placed correctly. I also appreciate that each level was created with moderate difficulty. The game overall not being overly difficult, but to an extent of being enjoyable. But just to add some icing to the cake, Rocketeer also threw in some puzzles here and there which were used, and incorporated properly in my opinion. Not to mention, the graphic use in Tyrant was very impressive as well!


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Scenery: _____/_____
Level Deign/Action: ____/_____
Overall Rating: _____/_____

Conclusion/Overall Opinion

Like the title, this game did not fail to impress me along with his other great plat creations. Honestly, this is my favorite yet out of the plats he has created so far. Everything from the plot to the level design was astonishing! From this being said, I believe the game is well above worth a feature. I definitely hope to see more from Rocketeer in the near future!


Tyrant Reviewed by netshark on Thursday, September 12th 2013. [RRR] Never Fails To Impress - A game review written by netshark for the game 'Tyrant' by rocketeer. Rating: 5