By noahsue :: Monday January 26th, 2009


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drip!drip!all night all you hear is drip you have such a normal life you think..everyday you wake up andbrush your teeth go to work come back and go to bed.but tonight you sat on your bed and thought of what it would be like if you were a secret got carried away and jumped off your bed.OW MY LEG!OW MY LEG you screamed!you called the ambulance they took you to a hostpital while you sat inthe hostpital you thought that was my un normal thing.the doctor came in sorry sir he said you must wear a cane he were everyday was diffrent your leg hurt sometimes and sometimes it dident you had to go to the doctor every friday.when you wre walking home you stood on top of a bridge I REGRET IT!and jumped off but luckly you landed in a thought ill just live the way i have too im normal i dont want to live exitement after that day your leg healed and you lived happy!


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