Threat Level Midnight

By nolanalexanderhunt :: Sunday April 1st, 2012


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You've finished your training in MegaX and are now a full-fledged Algorithm-Crew spy. In the midst of celebration, the evil hacking corporation KAOS has infiltrated Google, threatening to send malicious viruses worldwide if they don't receive 430 billion dollars. The two spies who would be set for the job to stop them have been killed, so you are given to task instead. Your boss with seemingly low grammar intellect, Beezus, accompanies you via headset, but dies along with your partner at level 3. Despite these odds, alone, can you tackle and defeat the 6 levels of the Google tower now under the control of KAOS, or will the technological world be purged and torn asunder? -Irst Floor: Lobby -2nd Floor: Minor Control Room. -3rd Floor: Storage Room. -4th Floor: The Office. -5th Floor: Major Control Room. -6th Floor: Final Boss. (Thanks for playing.)


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