"Smile, How Much You Can..."

Review by npc10000 on Sunday, February 1st 2015
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Rusted Soul is a game created by stormfall

Hey, this is npc10000, and I’m finally, after 2 years I’m finally working on a new review…my second one ever, actually (I’m surprised they haven’t demoted me yet). Anyways, after my little hiatus, will this new game make my return to reviewer-dom worthwhile? Let’s find out.

Stormfall (kitidudu on the Forums) was among three people who posted games for me to review. Of all of them, his game, Rusted Soul, was the best.

The best, maybe, but is it at least good?

(...I start playing...)

Oh boy…another dark, bleak, puzzle-orientated Platformer with a cryptic title and a high possibility of death. This will be fun!

In all seriousness, I groaned a bit inside when I started playing and saw what Rusted Soul was all about. It’s all the same stuff we’ve seen already…sinister messages prophesizing your doom, minimal scenery, unoriginal puzzles….I’m sorry, stormfall, but I’ve seen this all before…in every other game on the Featured Page. I’d rant about this, but now is not the time or place.

Anyways, not much about Rusted Soul impressed me too much. It was very formulaic. To me, it just seemed like an attempt to mimic all the other puzzle-based Platformers that won Features.

But, the game WAS featured. So, maybe there’s something to the game that I just couldn’t see.

I’ll give stormfall credit on this, though – it was quite eerie. The general atmosphere of the game was mainly set in darkness with the occasional torch for any small glimpse of light. There was also one idea in the game I really dug: due to the shadows and the gloom, I sometimes couldn’t tell what was a wall and what was just empty space trying to fool you. The Radar could have easily remedied the situation, but I tried my luck without it. It was mildly interesting jumping around trying to find new passageways to new places.

Also, remember what I said before about unoriginal puzzles? Well, a few of them did pique my interest, such as the opening sequence, where it took me a few tries to explore the area and find hidden areas and throw this and do that. It gave me a small dose of satisfaction, being able to solve these puzzles and advance forward.

Unfortunately, a glitch would occur where I’d step off the slider onto a block, but I’d slide off the block into the lava as if I were still on the slider. This glitch isn’t stormfall’s fault (I hope…you sadistic bleep), but things like that unfortunately detracted from the gameplay.

Overall, Rusted Soul isn’t anything special, just a watered-down version of all the other Featured platformers, preferring to put style before substance. It had a creepy atmosphere (who could go wrong with Chromozone?), and a few visual treats, but other than that, it was really bleak and unoriginal. Stormfall, in the future, try and make the game a bit longer, more visually appealing, and try and come up with some truly mind-boggling and unique puzzles to make gameplay feel more fresh and interesting.



Rusted Soul Reviewed by npc10000 on Sunday, February 1st 2015. "Smile, How Much You Can..." - A game review written by npc10000 for the game 'Rusted Soul' by stormfall. Rating: 2