By obeliskos :: Thursday December 4th, 2008

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Most people on Sploder are aware of the feud going on between art game makers and "real game" makers. Let me start off by saying this: if you want to make art games, go right ahead. I'm just saying, you'll get no respect for making them. My real problem is the people who PLAY art games and worship those who make them. I want said people to post a comment on this game stating why you like art games more than "real games". If you don't know what a "real game" is, check out Duck by tookewl, Him: The Enraged by darut1234, Sinner by checkthepan, Bloodymare 2 by lahdeedah, or The One by yours truly. The games I just mentioned are by great game makers who are famous on the forums for their magnificent games. You know what art game lovers get on the forums? A big GO AWAY AND NEVER COME BACK. I hate to see people feel unwelcome, but that's what happens when you step into "our" territory. If you like art games, stay in your place and stay away from the forums. Just a fair warning. --- Next, I'd like to talk about the feud in general. This has gotten just a wee bit out of control. Each side has done their part in insulting the other (especially the art game side, courtesy of rule60 and khill's attitude) and many games are made out of spite. Many accounts insulting others have been made. Frankly, this is getting out of control. You are free to make what you want and you are free to play what you want. I really can't stop you. But I beg you - STOP PLAYING THE ART GAMES. --- Finally, I'll say why you should stop playing the art games. First of all, they suck. Plain and simple. All art games are good for is looking at and that's it. 99% of the time, there is no challenge and no point in playing the game at all. Just look at the thumbnail. That's all art games have to offer. How is that fun, khill? Second of all, art games take hardly any time to make. I made the "GLASS OF COKE" parody game in about 5 minutes. Maxliam probably spent that much time as well. So in 5 minutes, he made a game that has almost 10k views and gets more and more every day. Let's compare this to "real" games. Now, most of my games take roughly 5 hours to make, usually over the course of 3 or 4 days. I take time to plan out the maps, think of puzzles, and ways to stimulate the player. Tookewl, on the other hand, spends MONTHS on his games. MONTHS. Thinking up new puzzles. Most of the puzzles that are common in the modern age of Sploder were created by tookewl. These games get roughly 100 views, tops. Why? I'm not sure myself. But I assume it's because most of Sploder is a bunch of little kids who want instant gratification - looking at a thumbnail is all they need and they'll give a game 5 stars. But if it's long or hard, they give it 1 star. Art games: 5 minutes. Real games: Days, weeks, months. Art games: Thousands of views. Real games: About 100. How is THAT fair!? ----- I think I've said all there is to be said. I'm burnt out right now and my fingers hurt. So, in closing, I would like to thank you for reading all of this and not completely disregarding it just to flame me (*cough*khill*cough) and I hope you will leave thoughtful and compelling arguments in your comments. And, once again - STOP PLAYING ART GAMES!!!

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