Snype Is Absolutley Amazing!!!!

Review by oggie77 on Friday, September 3rd 2010
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Cops: Pursuit v2 is a game created by snype

Pre thoughts:

Well first thing that came to my mind before playing this amazing game was "I wonder if this is going to be hard like his other games?".

I had the feeling that the games name is familiar. It's originally made by elgamer..

This game looked really cool and interesting but when I started it I was very curious of what was going to happen.What snype could have added:

-firstly he could have added more health.

-secondly he could have layed out the playfield more because when some of the enemys' shoot you you glitch out.

-thirdly he could have added some more enemy's to make the game harder.

-lastly he could of used more of a range of items in this game.

Were should I start, this game is unique, original and ultra fun, this game is probably suitable for amatuers . Snype has used some pretty fasinating puzzle techniques to try and trick many people. He has also used all the required items to make an awesome game. He has used the pushers, loads of enemys, exploders, health and many more cool items. Parts I liked about this game:

The enemy placment was fantastic. unfortnently I did not get to complete the game. :( But I still had fun playing it over and over.

The amount of health is decent for a newcomer.

The puzzles are awesome. I learn't a new puzzle from playing this game.

The description is kind of weird/cool:

Run from the cops n stuff. They've got these challenges for you and it aint cool and you've gotta defeat all of them in their little groups. Don't even ask why they're chasing you its a long story.l weird isn't it? I dont know what it's trying to send out to people or what it is supposed to mean?



-enemy placement.

-amount of health.

-magnificant puzzles.

-playfield length.

-health placement.


-not enough health for newcomers but fine for amatuers.

-could spread the map out a little more.


Action: 8.5/10.

lagg: 3/10.

puzzle: 9/10.

health: 6/10.

playfield size: 8/10.

enemy placement: 8/10.

puzzle placement: 7/10.

adventure: 5/10.

description: 4/10.


Overall Rating:

7/10. Pretty good job Snype.



-Could do better but good job.

-good for good player.


Cops: Pursuit v2 Reviewed by oggie77 on Friday, September 3rd 2010. Snype Is Absolutley Amazing!!!! - A game review written by oggie77 for the game 'Cops: Pursuit v2' by snype. Rating: 3.5