Illusionic Or A"MAZE"ing??

Review by oggie77 on Sunday, September 5th 2010
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illusionic waves is a game created by vinniepaz1234567


-This is just going to be a small review not too big but not too small.



This game was absolutely amazing, well that's in my eyes.

Vinniepaz1234567 has used a great deal of tricks in this such as:

-Making you just find your way around to the spiders so that you can collect the crystals to complete the game.(the spiders do not show up on the radar.)

-great deal of health.

-and many more.


You could have added:

-More enemies and things to boost your health and ability to be able to to many things.

-More puzzles.

-More of a range of enemies and explosives.

-A larger playfield area.



Enemy placement: ______/__________
Health: ________/__________
Puzzle: ______/__________
Fun: ________/__________
Lagg: _/__________
Action: ___/__________

Overall Score:




illusionic waves Reviewed by oggie77 on Sunday, September 5th 2010. Illusionic Or A"MAZE"ing?? - A game review written by oggie77 for the game 'illusionic waves' by vinniepaz1234567. Rating: 3.5