Sunlust By Crunchynut.

Review by oggie77 on Tuesday, January 5th 2016
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Sunlust is a game created by crunchynut

Wow... It has been a great while since I have reviewed a game on Sploder, but I will try my best to fill you in on every aspect of the game. I chose to review this game because I found it absolutely amazing! I am speechless! Absolutely inlove with this game! I highly recommend that you play this game or atleast give it a view, you will not regret it.


Author: Crunchynut.

Creator: Classic Shooter.

Time Beaten: 51 Minutes or so, due to taking breaks because my laptop is old and lags alotttt!!

Game Play:

So you start of in the middle of the game it is absolutely mesmerizing, you most likely will find that there is 3 crystals which will win you the game close to where you spawn but are guarded by keys, in which is pretty much telling you that you need to equip all 3 keys to obtain the game winning crystals. You spawn into this world of absolute beauty! As you make your way throughout the large map, you start to come to sense that it is definitely a Crunchynut game, the large map, spaced out puzzles, amazing battles. This game is just great! The placement of all objects in the game is immaculate. Pretty much as Crunchynut says in the description of this game "Where there is an enemy, there is a reward, and even bigger rewards are found through thorough exploration". Im sure you could make sense out of that but if you can't, then what he is saying is pretty much if you kill an enemy you will get rewarded, you use these rewards leading up to key battles. Absolutely amazing!!


The action in this game was quite amusing, battling bosses, swarms of enemy's, I found that this game always had some sort of action, to keep you entertained whilst you journeys through the large play field of spectacular design, there was great amount of enjoy-ability in this game due to being rewarded for good efforts and hard work. This is what a great game should consist of.

Puzzles and Traps:

This game had a lot of puzzles and traps in it, some of which were hard and some easy to figure out. The puzzles where original which is awesome! Personally I absolutely love games like these, spaced out maps and amazing game play.


The placement in this game as I may have stated before in the review was absolutely tremendous, Crunchynut used the perfect amount of objects which where places in the best possible positions.The enemy placement was spectacular, you would always have enough health to kill enemy's and just when you need to power up your health there would be a Health ready for you, as with any other difficult games you have to know how to kill an enemy without loosing heaps of health and things like that, those things came in handy whilst playing this game.


-Action: The action in this game was just right, not too much but not too little, there was a bit of action everywhere to keep you on edge.

-Scenery: I cannot begin to explain how amazing the scenery was in the game, I felt like it must have taken Crunchynut a while to do and I highly commend him for that.

-Placement: Everything was places pretty much perfect, the way Crunchynut placed objects in the game helped it be a smoother and more functional fun game.


-I can't find anything wrong with the game lol.


Action: 8/10.

Puzzle: 7/10.

Power Ups: 8/10.

Enemy Placement: 9/10.

Placement: 7.5/10.

Health: 8/10.

Overall Score:


Feature Worthy: Yes! 100%. It has already been featured but If games could be featured more then once I would feature it again.

Last Words:

I just wanted to say that, this review was probably not one of the greatest reviews as I have not written a review in a very long time. I hope you enjoyed. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.



Sunlust Reviewed by oggie77 on Tuesday, January 5th 2016. Sunlust By Crunchynut. - A game review written by oggie77 for the game 'Sunlust' by crunchynut. Rating: 4