[BHR] Dark Archon: The Escape.

Review by oggie77 on Wednesday, January 19th 2011
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Dark Archon: The Escape is a game created by gameraterz

Omg, it's Gameraterz. Omg omg omg, for those who don't know who gameraterz is i'll tell you, Gameraterz is a pro, awesome, epic amazing sploder member. He was one of the first members to arrive on sploder. He has the most epic/awesome games i've ever seen besides protraction 2. But anywayz game raterz is the best sploder gamer in my eyes.

What will happen, what will I do? Will this game reach the standereds set for it? Will it tie up in a bad result or a good result, you'll never know. What will I think of the game? You'll find all of those things out by reading this review.


Well before I even thought of reviewing this game let alone even review a game I was so bored. So I said i'm going to make a review it was a pretty hard choice to choose out of reviewing Dark Archon: The Escape or Protraction 2-Whtever. So I chose Dark Archon: The Escape so yeah I searched in gameraterz and clicked on his name when it came up and scrolled down the game page, I was going to review the other dark archon but I thought, nahh I'm going to review this one. I lookes at the thumbnail, it looked just plain and old but before I knew it there was a puzzle strait away at the start of the game. After finally passing the first puzzle I thought to myself what the heck is this guy on? (as in WOW)

During the game play I realised that I had to think more, use my brain more to figure out and crack the puzzles so I could beat the game, I basicly strained my brain of thinking from the second puzzle rofl. So I didn't think that hard after the first puzzle and then went on to progress more into the game. Also I realised that there was many many many many old fashioned puzzles, but some puzzles i've never seen in my whole entire time on sploder, he has used the best amount of health, best enemy placement, best use of enemies which were able to be used back then before the updates, good hazard/boost placement and hazard/boost use.

After the second puzzle I was tired of the game, but I don't give up hope easily anymore. During the game I also found out a new puzzle that I can add to my new game(s) it was fantastic. This game is very very very good. I tried and tried over and over, more and more trying to beat the game but failed to beat it!


Action: I liked the action in the game it was smoothe and not to packed.

Puzzle: The amount of puzzle used in the game was epic.

Puzzle Placement: The puzzle placement was unbelievably good in so much ways.

Hazard and Boosts used: The amount of hazards and boosts used in this game was like nothing i've ever seen before.

Traps: Most of the traps in the game were hidden, but some traps were obious to see and avoid.

Enemy Placement: The enemy placement in this game was out of this world, gameraterz (the legend) put enemies in places here and there but surprisingly the enemies were in the right place.


Lagg: There was only a little bit of lagg, but it didn't slow me down.

Thats all the cons there is to list haha.

This game had alot of good puzzles, traps, enemies, enemy placement, health and boosts and hazards. He has used many awesome but random puzzles and has tied hazards and boosts in with the puzzles.


Gameraterz could have added more of an amount of health to help you complete it. He could have also used more addictive stratergies to help you complete the game and keep having a go at the game.

What I think about Dark Archon: The Escape:

I really think this game has the right things in the right places and the right use of things to meet the expectations that I have set for this game. It turns out to be one of the most amazing games i've ever seen and played on the whole entire sploder. This game is a very good game and it has ended up in a good result.


Puzzle placement:___/_____
Boosts and Hazard:__/_____

Overall score:


This game has really met its standereds, I really liked how he has used a fantastic name and made this game ultra difficult and made it really really addictive. He has used many many puzzles to make your brain strain just from trying to think of how to get passed each puzzle. It really topped the game of with the puzzles, it was so amazing.



Dark Archon: The Escape Reviewed by oggie77 on Wednesday, January 19th 2011. [BHR] Dark Archon: The Escape. - A game review written by oggie77 for the game 'Dark Archon: The Escape' by gameraterz. Rating: 3