[BHR] Feel The Wrath.

Review by oggie77 on Friday, January 21st 2011
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Wrath is a game created by crunchynut

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First of all this game was requested by a member named Crunchynut, Crunchynut has requested the game wrath in the Brutally honest reviews thread in the community forum, you may take a look at the rules and the information about the thread in the first post. Make sure you don't break any rules or you'll be banned. Anyway crunchynut is very skilled and makes very good and very very detailed games like this. He is famous for making art games which are very very suffisticated and not one line is un-even. Well lets start with some of the game play.

Game Play:

Well i'm only going to run you over a little bit of the gameplay so i don't give you the whole game and how to beat it. Well this game is a not to good it is very small compared to most members games these days, this game was possible, it has tricks and traps in it which exceeded the difficulty which was great. You start of in a box surrounded by art, make your way up and through the walls with the ice polygon next to the walls, this is pretty plain so far. Keep going you'll find a green switch and a green teleporter, go over the switch and go through the teleporter you'll find yourself being pushed into nitro, you have no choice but to blow them up to you can get through and continue on with the game, this is different from the start which is very good. You'll be forced onto the hot polygon and you'll have to think quick and smart and quickly orbit to the left to get off the hot polygon and continue this detailed game. As soon as you get of the hot polygon you will find a diamond shaped box with three doors facing you with an enemy inside the doors, i'm not going to say what will happen next because I don't wan't to spoil it for crunchynut because he is my buddy. After you kill the three turrets on the opposite side of the doors and the enemy you will find a box, and the playfield is full of healths you may or may not want to get health you may want to save some health for later on in the game. Journey up and you'll find an action packed area with three drone turrets you may want to kill them before you attempt to kill the yellow spider. So far this game has been awfully easy compared to other games i've played in my two years here on sploder. This game has traps in it and puzzles. It used many many objects and enemy's in it which make it difficult. Good job so far crunchynut. It is 100% possible, and i'm the only one who has beaten it. Good game buddy.

There was a large amount of enemy's in this game which made the game very difficult, in many areas you will find that there are a bunch of enemy's which create a vortex which will make you have no choice but to attack them and most likely kill them so you can get past. This was a ordinary game, i'd like to see more puzzles in this game, i'd also like to see you put some more ideas and more creativity in the games you are creating, but I really liked the pusher and nitro puzzle, the enemy placement was original, I like original games so I can see what the games used to be like back when sploder first started and when they started the featured games list. The enemy's were in large packs with very good placement, always facing you. (Please comment saying if i'm aloud to use that in my next game, thanks bro.) Back to the review, Wrath is a very difficult, action packed and suffisticated game. I really liked how crunchynut placed a bunch of enemy's to make it difficult but it was made it pretty laggy for a slow computer like my one. Crunchynut didn't use much puzzles at all, as far as I have seen in this game there where no puzzles whatsoever, except for the pusher and the nitro which was a great idea, the traps and tricks in this game were decent, the tricks and traps were hidden obviously, i loved the first trap it was very funny.


Crunchynut could have added more of a range of puzzles because I didn't really see any puzzles in this game whatsoever, he has made this game boring and annyoing to play. The game was repetetive and that also added to making it annyoing.

Crunchynut could have added more health and less enemy's, because the amount of enemy's in this game was extrodinary, there were so much enemy's i had to wait about one minute untill I could start playing the game without it lagging.

Crunchynut could have included more objectives instead of just returning one flag he could have done crytals ect.

Crunchynut could have also added more of an exclusive amount of power-ups to make the game way easier. But he has used a decent amount of power up to get you through the game.


Action: This game was good because of the action, it was action packed nearly all the way through the game, the most action I saw in the game was when the three drone turrets behind the yellow spider, that was action packed.

Traps and Tricks: The traps and tricks in this game where good most of them were hidden, underneath objects. and most of them included loads of enemy's, which I found amusing.

Enemy Choice: The range of enemy's that crunchynut has put into Wrath was pretty good., nearly every enemy was included in Wrath.

Enemy Placement: The enemy placement was pretty decent but in some placed it was horrible, the enemy placement was prescice in some areas and horrible in others.

Health: The amount of health in this game was great, just enough health for you to complete the game. Even though the amount of health was very large it suited the amount of enemy's you had to kill to get to the flag and return it.


Lag: The amount of lag in this game was horrid, if it doesn't lag on your computer then your computer must be fast, but I got to do what I got to do, which is be brutal and honest.

Puzzle: The amount of puzzle in this game was horrible, i'm not 100% sure I even saw more than one puzzle in this game. I'd really like to see Crunchynut add more puzzles or even make some puzzles up of his own!


Action: __/_____
Puzzle: _/_____
Enemy Placement: __/_____
Enemy Choice: __/_____
Health: __/_____
Lag: ___/_____
Traps and Tricks: ___/_____
Difficulty: ___/_____

Overall Ratings:


Last Words:

Well I'd like to ask Crunchynut if he could make another game which has some puzzles of his own and some other puzzles he may know or have seen, and i'd like to see him have more objectives in his games, but anyways this game was great.

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Wrath Reviewed by oggie77 on Friday, January 21st 2011. [BHR] Feel The Wrath. - A game review written by oggie77 for the game 'Wrath' by crunchynut. Rating: 3