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Review by oggie77 on Saturday, February 12th 2011
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Till I Collapse is a game created by killer47

My #6 Brutally Honest Review

To start of this game was created by Killer47, his games are hard and packed with enemy's, this makes his game very addictive. Well this game has been requested in the Brutally Honest Reviews discussion in the Sploder Community Forum. You may read the rules before posting a game in the discussion. I personally think that killer47 is a good gamer but lets see what I think about his games. Will he meet the standerds or won't he? We will soon find out. Onto the review...

Game Play:

I will run you over a brief amount of game play but not to much so I don't give the whole game away... Well you start of in a detailed box shaped play field, you'll soon find yourself fighting a launcher and many turrets, you may choose to either skip killing the turrets and just kill the launcher and then continure or you may choose to kill al, the enemy's in the first fighting scene. Then you'll make your way upwards then you will find around three disrupters on top of each other and after you've killed all the disrupters you will have to kill three magnets, as soon as you finish killing them you'll be able to have a break for a moment, which is relieving, lolz. This is pretty action packed so far. You will have no choice but to journey to the hot polygon to continue the game. Once you've finished travelling through the hot polygon you will find yourself having two ways to go, left or right, I'd recommend choosing the right path so you don't get trapped. It's pretty smart idea right there. Once you've chosen the path in which you want to go to continue on with the game. If you've chosen the right path way you will find an atomic boost and a mazed shaped play field area, journey through the maze and kill all the enemy's on the way and you'll soon find yourself in play field area which is shaped like a circle but three circles in a row then you'll have to make a choice of where to go next. I chose to journey not up but journey down the play field, after you've chosen the way to go continue on with the game obviously. If you chose to go down the play field you will soon find a box shaped area with a yellow spider, kill it then make your way to the yellow door then go through it and into the portal. I'm not going to tell you any more of the game play because it will give the whole game away and Killer47 probably doesn't want that to happen.


-Health: With more health in this game more people will play it in which will gain you more views.

-Puzzle: With more puzzle in this game it will make it more addictive and more people will engage in game play and tell there friends about it.


-Puzzle: The puzzles in this game were great but I still think that killer47 could have used more puzzles to make the game more addictive.

-Enemy placement: The enemy placement in this game was good, it really made the game stand out to people that have played it including me.

-Boost/Hazards: The amount of boosts/hazards in this game was near prefect it really made the game great.

-Difficulty: The game's difficulty was great. It really made the game addictive and fun.

-Health: The amount of health in this game was not to great but it was enough.


-Lag: This game lagged on my computer because my computer is not too fast but if you'd like to tell me if it lagged on your computer feel free to comment in the messages below this review.


Puzzle: 3/5.

Puzzle Placement: 2/5

Traps and Tricks: 3/5.

Enemy Placement: 2/5.

Enemy Choice: 2/5.

Health: 2/5.

Lag: 2/5.

Difficulty: 4/5.

Addictiveness: 2/5.

Overall rating:


Final words:

Well i'd like to thank killer47 for posting this game in the Brutally Honest Reviews discussion and it has been a pleasure to review your game.

This game been a [BHR] review.

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Till I Collapse Reviewed by oggie77 on Saturday, February 12th 2011. [BHR] Till I Collapse! - A game review written by oggie77 for the game 'Till I Collapse' by killer47. Rating: 3