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Review by oggie77 on Thursday, February 24th 2011
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The Apology is a game created by dotanoob2

#6 of my Brutally Honest Reviews.

Firstly, dotanoob has requested this game to be reviewed by the Brutally Honest reviewers, so I was just clicking and clicking for an easy game to review because i'm a little bit tired, so it is a bit easier on me to review, this is my first time playing dotanoob's games. So lets see how we go, will this meet the standers i've set for it or will it just completely fail? We will find out...

Game Play:

Just to start of i'm going to run you over the game play and what happens in the game. You start of in a boxed shaped playfield and you've got to kill the enemy's. As soon as you've killed all the enemy's you'll find that there is a repeller blocking the path way leading to the next part of the game... This is a little boring so far! Next you can choose weather to choose to go through the teleporter or keep on orbiting around the playfield, i'm not going to tell you which one to choose but all I have to say is follow your instincts. If you take the left pathway you will find yourself killing the little speeder enemy's they are just a waste of time if you try to kill them... Straight after you've gotten past the speeders and killed the guard you will have see that a pathway is blocked of with a blue door. You'll need to orbit to the left to kill the blue spider to continue your quest. So far i'm just sitting here thinking "what's next? A bunch of enemy's in a box shaped playfield?" Now back to the game play. Whilst killing the blue spider there will be reversers in all four corners of the box facing you, be careful not to shoot at them because they shoot right back at you, so after killing the blue spider go back to the blue door and go through it. After journeying through the blue door you'll find that there is a atomic boost and an invisibility boost collect them both and kill the disrupters. Haha this is so easy. Then all you need to do is go and collect the crystal .And that's pretty much all the game play in this game. thank god I finished this horrible game.






-Enemy placement.

-Action sequences.




Health: There wasn't a great amount of health in this game but it was good enough to make it into the pros.

Enemy's: The enemy's that where chosen to put into this game was decent.


Puzzle: There was NO puzzles in this game at all.

Action: There was little action in this game.

Boosts/Hazards: He could have used more of a range of boosts/hazards in this game.

Action sequences: The action sequences in this game wasn't 100%.

Length: This game was fairly short, it was not one bit long, it was a short and boring game.

Extra Words:

I'd like to see dotanoob continue making these games but longer and contain loads of puzzles in it. I have seen smaller games but I can see that dotanoob has potential. He shall make good games if he follows those words. Don't make the games to short include lots of portals ect...


Action: 2/5.

Puzzle: 1/5.

Health: 2/5.

Enemy Placement: 2.5/5.

Length: 2/5.

Map: 2/5.

Adventure: 2/5.

Difficulty: 2.5/5.

Overall Rating:

1.5/5. I'm not sure to round it up to a 2 but I don't think it should be so that's the overall rating.

Last word's:

I'd like to say nice game to dotanoob and you should keep up the good work and look around for a few puzzles and put them into your game it will make the games more interesting and fun. Also thank you for requesting this game to be reviewed.

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