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Review by oggie77 on Sunday, March 13th 2011
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The Great Castle Escape is a game created by pluton

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I know it has been a while since the [BHR] has reviewed a game, but there is a good reason for that. Many other reviewing corps have tried to over run the [BHR] and they got the Brutally Honest Reviews thread un-fused. That is as far as Empoleon and I will let them take this, we have had enough, whatever the other reviewing threads say it just a load of cows poo. Don't listen to them when they say that they are going to take over the Brutally Honest Reviews thread. The [BHR] thread is now up and running, you may post ONE game at a time if you post more than one you will be kicked out of the thread. We are going to run the review tab now and forever! Important message: I will not be reviewing fairly large reviews, because my laptop broke because ant's got into it and they basically ate through the wires and things like that, so I have to use my slow computer, which will decrease the chance of me beating the games that I review. So yeah onto the review now...

Game Play:

I'm now going to give you a brief overview of the game. Also what the author did right and wrong and a couple tips... You start out in castle, obviously. Your mission is to escape the castle hence the name of the game The Great Castle Escape. You will start out in a rectangle shaped area and you'll find that there are three sandblocks underneath you. Simple make your way across the playfield onto the stairs, if you decide to jump up to the right you'll see that you need a blue key to get through the door. It's easy as pie. Keep making your way to the left, break some sandblocks, fall down the weak floor, collect the power up and continue playing by making your way through the green portal. When you come out of the other side of the portal you'll end up in a box, and you'll find yourself collecting the blue key. Make your way thorugh the green portal again... and you'll see the blue door. Obviously. If you go through the blue door you'll find your self fighting a thug. obviously kill the thug to continue on with the game... As you make your way up past the thors and the other enemy's you will need to break some sandblocks AGAIN... Break them and continue on with the game. Pluton has made this game pretty ordinary, he could have used different blocks and different back walls and instead of only changing the back walls to a different colour he could have changed the blocks aswell to make it more amusing, it is just plain. He could have also given you a range of more enemy's to kill, it gets's boring after a while. Lastly i'd like to say to pluton to make his games more colourful and adventurous.


The acion in this game was not quite what I expected, I expected more action, more enemy's to kill, and more traps to make it even more difficult. There was not much action in this game, all you needed to do was kill a bunch of enemy's and get through some easy traps and puzzles and then you've beaten the game. XD

Enemy placement:

The enemy placement in this game was quite amusing, pluton has placed the enemy's in the correct spot to make the game even more difficult. He has also proven to me that his games are not all the same he changed the scenery and playfield around for each game, not one game has the same shape and size.

Puzzles and Traps:

Pluton has used a few puzzles throughout the game map, it isn't very hard to realise what is what in this game because it is not all spread out but not all of it was bunched up.There was about three traps and puzzles altogether in this game, it wasn't very fun, to be honest it was annoying and boring.


The storyline was greatly weird, while being quite mysterious at the same time all throughout the game. It wasn't a great storyline at least the game had one. Most authors don't even have a story line set for their games.


Entertainment: ___
Placement: __
Creativity: ___
Design: __
Epicness: __
Overall: ___

Last words:

Lastly I want to tell you guys that the [BHR] is back up and running so start to post your games in the discussion on the Sploder Community Forums. So get your games reviews by either Theimage, Empoleon, and me (oggie77). So great game not too epic but not to bad, its balancing just under the middle of both epic and not to bad.

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The Great Castle Escape Reviewed by oggie77 on Sunday, March 13th 2011. [BHR] Back On The Force! - A game review written by oggie77 for the game 'The Great Castle Escape' by pluton. Rating: 4.5