Crafty Castle

Review by omega on Tuesday, February 21st 2012
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Crafty Castle is a game created by gamethomas

Alright, so you may notice, I don't review often. I usually only do when I find a game worth reviewing, and the fact that I don't like typing out paragraph after paragraph going into extreme detail of why a game is awesome and deserves my and your attention. Well, let's see how this one fared...

To start off, I've never played a single game from Gamethomas before, and I saw his thread on the forums for the sequel (Whoops, spoiler alert!) and I liked the video. Seeing as I'm probably gonna play the second, I thought I'd better play the first. Anyways, I took a few minutes and played it for myself. It got featured and won a contest. It deserved both, in my opinion.


This game isn't the easiest game to beat, but that's ok. It's not too hard either, it's just right. I, for one, love this game, and am probably gonna go back to play it again once I'm done typing this review. I loved the idea of switching back-n-forth between characters to get things done. I could suggest a multiplayer feature in later games?


I have nothing bad to say about the scenery. I mean, seriously, it's perfect. Well, nothing's perfect, but close enough, amirite? I've played a lot of other PPGs, and this is one of the best when it comes to looking pretty.


I literally have nothing for you to improve on this game. You might get some from other users, but sorry, but not me, it's good as is. Anyways, as I mentioned above, maybe a multiplayer version? I'd love to invite a friend over and have them play this with me.

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-Levels; I wanted more for this game

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Final Words

Can't wait for the next game, Gamethomas. Don't let me down, bro. Thanks to those read this review!


Crafty Castle Reviewed by omega on Tuesday, February 21st 2012. Crafty Castle - A game review written by omega for the game 'Crafty Castle' by gamethomas. Rating: 5