Cat Burglar

Review by omega on Sunday, May 8th 2011
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Cat Burglar is a game created by rhabbit

After looking through the reviews, I noticed this game has gotten different views and opinions. I thought I'd give my own insight.


Ok, let's begin. To start off, I love this game, absolutely love it. One of the best PPG games made so far, and I'm hoping Rhabbit is planning on a Cat Burglar 2. The scenery in this game is amazing, to say the least. Playing as a cat also gives the game a fun element. I'd recommend this one anyone who says the new creator is stupid and pointless. If Rhabbit keeps making games like this, I know he'll have a bright future on Sploder.


Enemy Place:___
Fun Element:_____

End Thoughts

Great work, Rhabbit! I hope... No, I wanna see a sequel. If there's not one, I will be very upset with you.


Cat Burglar Reviewed by omega on Sunday, May 8th 2011. Cat Burglar - A game review written by omega for the game 'Cat Burglar' by rhabbit. Rating: 3