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Review by opengangs on Saturday, March 7th 2015
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Snowfall is a game created by tbremise

Schnee, derived from the German form for “snow”, is a cute name for the hero of a mystical snow world. Schnee’s journey to its heroic feats of saving the world is filled with hazards, bosses, and seemingly impossible puzzles. As a result, Schnee’s journey as a hero becomes all the more enjoyable to follow.

Usually, Snowfall prospers. In spirit, that is. The game subtly reveals itself throughout its gameplay, as opposed to the storytelling. It is established when poor Schnee cannot take much more than a few rocks blows before the “Mission failed” leaderboard fill up the screen. Schnee’s world is a beautiful place; much of it is credited through the use of graphics in which the developer, Tbremise, has introduced. From Schnee, the snowman, to the environment in which Schnee’s world is placed upon, there is always the magnificent scenery Tbremise took time to develop.

Snowfall also carries combat, most of which is slow-paced that feels lazy. It is instincts that kicks in, for the majority of the combat, with somewhat good timing to avoid getting hit by a supposed rock. Schnee can move with the arrow or WASD keypad, aim with the mouse, and shoot with the spacebar. The combination of spacebar and mouse can be somewhat convoluted, and hard to control.

In harder terms, such puzzles have no relevance to the game itself, and are merely there to fill in certain aspects of the game without creating meaning whatsoever to Snowfall. Luckily, this was the only minor complaint.

The story behind Snowfall is that the Mystical Snow World is being overrun by creatures they call as “Snowheads”. Taking over that world, Schnee endangers its life to face against these “snowheads”, and eventually regain their land back. But this is Snowfall, a name that literally means “the fall of snow”. Setting foot to search for others, Schnee instead faces off against two different bosses. The bosses are unique, to say the least, and it certainly does its job in being a “fun” and engaging stage. Even some sections of the environment don’t appear safe, as components such as houses appear infested with dangerous critters, or “snowheads”.

Snowfall keeps these snowheads manageable with different zones and sections of this mysterious snow world in which the player experiences with Schnee to keep Snowfall entertaining and “fun”. The bosses usually require simple, yet not obvious, strategies to advance forward onto the next stage of the overrun land of Mystical Snow World.

There’s plenty in which Snowfall offers, and it just happens to do so quite delicately. This reveal of the hardship in which Tbremise has put in does not only appear in the intricately thought out bosses and enemies, but also in the soundtrack made available by Sploder. If you’re into exploration and adventure-type Physic games, add Snowfall onto your list.

The Good

Good use of graphics.

Great subtlety of the story through its gameplay.

Unique bosses makes the game quite interesting.

Good use of music offered.

The Bad

The controls were a bit iffy.

Puzzles weren't relevant, and felt like it was only there as a fill-in.

Final score: ____/_____

Great game, Tbremise.


Snowfall Reviewed by opengangs on Saturday, March 7th 2015. [RRR] - Snowfall - Tbremise - A game review written by opengangs for the game 'Snowfall' by tbremise. Rating: 4